How to know the right time to kiss in Japan?

Have you ever wondered what is the best time to kiss a Japanese girl? Or if you are a girl interested in Japanese, do you know which places are likely to win you a kiss? In this article, we will look at the most common places where Japanese people tend to kiss, so you can prepare for the right time.

An article on this subject may seem strange. However, many are interested in knowing how Japanese dating works. That's because in Japan the kiss is seen as something of a couple in love while in the west it can seem something simple and common even among strangers. This article will be of help if you want to know when is the most appropriate moment that a Japanese girl wants to be kissed. Or if you are the girl, you need to know what are the most likely moments that the kiss will happen and thus help the shy Japanese to take the initiative.

The best situations to kiss

In Japan, relationships start out in a somewhat peculiar way. A simple flirtation becomes friendship and you may be uncertain if there is a person's romantic interest. Sometimes even after a statement (kokuhaku) kisses don't happen and you don't know how to make it happen. Below we will see the best situations for these kisses to happen:

When being thrown on the wall - Kabe-don - The term kabedon (壁ドン) has become common in Japan. The word indicates the act of a boy placing the girl on the wall while placing his hand on it. The image below is highly explanatory, the girl may love this attitude, but rest assured that she will accept you. This is the right time to whisper romantic words, kiss her and stare into her eyes and smile.


On the Ferris wheel - If you are on a date at the amusement park, this is undoubtedly the best and most likely place for a kiss to happen. Sometimes even declarations and marriage proposals are usually made inside the ferris wheel, especially when you are at the top, this is the right time.

At the end of a meeting - When saying goodbye to a romantic date, the girl looks forward to the kiss and you need to have initiative. If you are the girl, don't be ashamed and let it be on your face that you want to be kissed, because if you expect a shy Japanese you may end up without one.

If you are already married or in a long-term relationship, we can suggest that you kiss your girl every day when you leave and arrive. Another interesting time to kiss your girl is when she is cooking, get her from behind.

Planning a place for the kiss

If you are already dating and do not know the appropriate time to kiss her, you can try to create the situations already mentioned above. There are other obvious situations that girls do to show that they want to be kissed. If you are the man, you can create common situations for these kisses to happen in a romantic way.


You must take into account that Japanese people are shy and need an isolated environment to kiss. Also try to create a mood, start by taking the hand, something that girls most expect on a date. Taking these factors into account, let's look at the most common and expected places to kiss:

  • On the college terrace;
  • Inside an Elevator;
  • Inside a car;
  • At the movies;
  • In the bedroom;

You should also keep an eye on the girl! There are many signs that they let you know that this is the exact moment for the kiss:

  • If she puts lipstick in front of you;
  • If she is close to you;
  • If she praises you often;
  • If she bites her lips lightly;
  • If she looks in the eye and in the mouth;
  • If she does indirect;


If you are on a date, you have nothing to fear. Just don't be ashamed and take the initiative! Kissing in Japan is no longer a taboo, it is becoming common to find people kissing in public, I even see Japanese girls kissing strangers.

Despite the shy nature, you no longer need to be so afraid of kissing a person from Japan. What is your experience or opinion with kisses and relationships in Japan? If you want to comment and share with friends I am very grateful.
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