Tokyo Skytree - Japan's tallest tower


Tokyo Skytree is the tallest structure in Japan with 634 meters (2,080 feet). It was designed as a landmark to attract tourists. It is also considered the tallest transmission tower in the world. In this article, we will see some details and curiosities about this Tokyo giant.

Skytree features

Tokyo SkyTree dominates the Tokyo skyline and can be seen from across the city. As well as the Mount Fuji, Skytree can suddenly appear on the horizon on a clear day from remarkable distances.

Tokyo skytree - a torre mais alta do japão

Its dynamic lighting is often a theme for parties and events. On a clear day it is possible to see Tokyo from its observation platform which is 350 meters high. You can see it from higher up, accessing the gallery that is 450 meters high.

Skytree also has a glass floor area. There is a restaurant and café on the 350 meter level. THE Tembo Gallery it's the highest place that a tourist can reach the tower, exactly 451.2 meters high.

Tokyo skytree - a torre mais alta do japão

This is not Tokyo's only observation platform or skyscraper. There are several buildings and towers, some are even free.

Construction and origin of SkyTree

Tokyo SkyTree is located in the Sumida region and was built to replace the Tokyo Tower, which was only 333 meters high, and was no longer able to provide enough radio and digital TV signals for the greater Tokyo region.

Tokyo skytree - a torre mais alta do japão

The project was led by Tobu Railway and a group of six terrestrial broadcasting companies, led by NHK. The inauguration was on May 22, 2012. The cost of the work reached 65 billion yen, almost 3 billion reais.

The Tower has strong earthquake-proof features, including 100 tons of shock absorbers. According to Tobu, 1.6 million people visited Skytree in its first week of inauguration, and tickets sold out in the first 2 months.

Tokyo skytree - a torre mais alta do japão

Tokyo Solamachi - At the Base of the Tower

A large shopping and entertainment complex known as Tokyo Solamachi is at the base of the tower. It has more than 300 stores and restaurants, a planetarium and an aquarium. Stores include several souvenir shops for international tourists. Tokyo Solamachi also has several squares and green spaces, from where you can admire the tower


The Planetarium is called Konica Minolta Planetarium Tenku and is not one of the best in the country, while the Sumida Aquarium it is expensive and also far from the best in the city. It seems that these places were made only to catch tourists who visit SkyTree and who do not know the best spots.

Tokyo skytree - a torre mais alta do japão

Not that the attractions of the aquarium or planetarium are weak, but they are expensive because of the location and do not differ from most others. Perhaps you can disappoint those with high expectations, but it can be a good option to enjoy the neighborhood and relax.

I think the best option for those who want to enjoy going to Japan’s tallest tower is to visit Tokyo Solamachi at the postal museum called The Postal Museum. The place is huge and offers a lot of historical information.

Tokyo skytree - a torre mais alta do japão

Buy Tickers for Skytree

Want to know how or where to buy SkyTree tickets? How much does it cost to climb the tower? The last time I visited they cost about 4000 yen to take the full tour on the 350 meter high deck and even the gallery that is 450 meters high.

You can get it cheaper by buying at GetYourGuide, without having to take queues. With this website you can buy tickets directly from your smartphone or computer, using your credit card, without the need to queue up. You can also book a touristic Tuor with a guide and vehicle that includes the tower tour.

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How to get to Tokyo SkyTree

Tokyo Skytree is directly connected to a station that bears his name, and also the station Oshiage. It is a 20 minute walk from Asakusa station or 25 minutes from Sensoji Temple. See your location on Google Maps.

I plus my friends on 2016 trip we walked from the Tower to Ueno Park, it was a long but satisfying walk. We attended the Sensoji temple and enjoyed the beautiful city of Tokyo, we recommend doing the same.

The entrance to access the tower is on the fourth floor of Tokyo SkyTree Town. After descending the tower, you can enjoy all of Tokyo Solamachi to shop at great stores or try local restaurants.

Tokyo skytree - a torre mais alta do japão
Opening Hours:8:00-22:00
Official site:
Tokyo Solamachi website:
(The mall at the base of Skytree) 

Tokyo SkyTree videos

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