The Tokyo Tower / 東京タワー / Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Tower is a symbol of the city of Tokyo that first opened in 1958. At 333 meters in height, it was the tallest structure in Tokyo for more than 50 years.

Its orange color and bright lights are visible in much of downtown Tokyo. Its architecture is modeled just like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and is 13 meters bigger. Despite the copied design, the tower is very adored by the locals. Its orange painting and lighting schemes give it a unique personality.

The tower was built as a tourist attraction and a broadcasting tower. More than 150 million people have visited the tower since it opened. Tokyo Tower still functions as a transmission tower. There is a four-story building at the base of the tower that offers restaurants, souvenir shops and small attractions.

The tokyo tower / 東京タワー / tokyo tower - tokyo tower

Just as the Eiffel Tower is often used in popular culture to immediately locate a scene in Paris, France, the Tokyo Tower is often used for the same purposes for Tokyo.

Located at the base of the tower is a four-story building known as FootTown. The first floor includes an aquarium gallery, a reception hall, a restaurant with a capacity for 400 people, a convenience store from the FamilyMart and a gift shop.

The tokyo tower / 東京タワー / tokyo tower

My visit to Tokyo Tower

In September 2016 I had the chance to visit this beautiful tower with Luiz Rafael and his gang. I found it even more interesting than the Sky Tree, because next to it there is a temple, a small forest, and several beautiful places to walk and take pictures. In addition, the tower has a panoramic elevator and it is possible to go up and down the stairs. When I visited there was a One Piece event going on, and inside there are several souvenir shops.

Check out my video below visiting the Tokyo Tower.


  • The Tokyo Tower requires a total of 28,000 liters of paint to completely paint the structure white and orange;
  • Every five years, the tower undergoes a one-year renovation in which it is completely repainted;
  • Occasionally, Tokyo Tower lighting is switched to specific and unique arrangements for special events;
  • The Tokyo Tower has two mascots called Noppon. There are two brothers, the oldest wearing a blue jumpsuit and the youngest wearing a red jumpsuit;
  • The Tokyo Tower's two main sources of income are antenna rental and tourism;
  • The tower has a view with glass floor on the Main Observatory of the Tower;
  • The final cost of the tower was 2.8 billion yen at the time of the inauguration;
  • The Tokyo Tower was mortgaged for 10 billion yen in 2000;


The Tokyo Tower has two observation platforms - The Main Observatory and the Special Observatory. Both offer a 360 degree view of Tokyo and, on sunny days, Mount Fuji can be seen to the south.

The approximate prices for climbing the tower, which should probably change according to the season, are: (You can check it on the official website)

Watch a video of Santana showing and talking a little about the tower:

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