Using NWE to Study Japanese with ANKI

We can use various materials and tools available on the internet to continue studying Japanese. Over time we will select the materials and tools that bring us the most results.

Since we can often use materials available on the internet or we can even try to organize what we find on the internet and create our own material, in general, we can quote anki a well known program in the study of languages.

Anki is constantly being quoted and used in Japanese Online Program, O jisho that has been mentioned in Sukidesu, the website news web easy for reading, among others, the use of pdfs in studies is also very relevant.

The problem of using Anki

Often repetitive and time-consuming tasks, which in general come to take up our time and thus be less productive, such as making material or even creating anki cards - because these cards must be made from the material we study or even that we work out - it often gets boring.

We can also mention the fact that we get a text and go word for word or even take expressions, and go to a translator, like google translator, or even search on Jisho and then go through google translator to then have the result, and so we can create a pdf and add a few words to the anki, it takes a long time and it will be repeated over and over again, I am not saying that this is irrelevant, on the contrary it is very important, because we are in contact with the language.

Now let's see get the site news web easy, this one has several articles that are constantly being updated (mentioned here in sukudesu), and we want to make the content there under study.

Let's trace a path: select the article, read it (several times), but we want to make it into study material, we can copy the content, open a text editor of our choice and put it in it, then we can go to jisho and search word for word, every word, we go to Google translator to translate it into our language, to add it in our editor, after we have done it several times we can then save it, in editable format and in pdf format. To review, we can add this content to anki.

In the previous process we see that this can take some time, now imagine it makes it more automatic, how? Using the nwe program.

Using nwe to study Japanese with anki

Using NWE as a Solution

Nwe is program for desktop multiplatforms still under development, based on python, it is exclusive to follow the previous process, that is, it only serves for the news web easy site.

He will get an article, then he will search word for word on Jisho and soon after he will translate using the google translator and will make it into pdf and will generate cards for anki.

The nwe (news wen easy) is software developed by naruto, for more information, the code is available on githubpypi and libraries.

To use nwe, we will have to have python in version 3 or higher installed in my case is version 3.8.5. 

If you don't have python installed (because by default on some operating systems it is already installed), we can follow the steps below according to your operating system:

At the tutorial windows the executable can be downloaded, MacOS tutorial, can be through the terminal, at Linux tutorial also through the terminal depending on the distribution.

Right after the previous step, we have to have the pip installed in python. At the terminal or at the command prompt, the pip3 install nwe command. Right after being executed we can type the nwe in the terminal / command prompt, so that we can see the initial screen of the program. The following images illustrate this better.

We take an url of an article on the news web easy site, put in insert link and press the start button, wait for the process bar to complete, this is the most time consuming part, as the program will access the article download the content, search on jisho and then on the google translator, then when complete we can then click on generate pdf and create anki which are the fastest part of the process.

We can go to anki and click on import card and look for the anki.txt file and just click ok, we already have the pdf and the anki deck. The images below illustrate better:

Using nwe to study Japanese with anki
Using nwe to study Japanese with anki
Using nwe to study Japanese with anki

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