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Have you seen the anime Net-Juu at Susume? Finished? In this post we will see some curiosities, information, images and videos of Net-Juu at Susume. And the possibility of a new season or continuation. We will also see sleeves, novels and other original and extra materials for the work.

According to the situation of Net-Juu at Susume, we will update this article later with tips, spoilers and curiosities.

Could there be a new season of the anime Net-Juu no Susume? Most want to know if this is going to happen! To understand this, we have to examine the profit and popularity that Net-Juu no Susume had in the Japanese lands.


First we will show some information and curiosities about the anime and original work of Net-Juu no Susume. We even prepared a menu to help you navigate the post:

Information and Curiosities about Net-Juu no Susume

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Work information: - 'Net-juu no Susume' is a manga by Rin Kokuyō. It won a TV adaptation in October 2017 directed by Kazuyoshi Yaginuman.

Where to see the anime Net-Juu no Susume: - Crunchyroll (Available in Portuguese);


What did I think of Net-Juu at Susume?

'Netojuu no Susume' is about a loving relationship that explores the impact of an RPG on the characters' real life. Unlike the famous RPG Games anime, this one is very focused on real life and how games can affect us.

The anime tries to imitate the stereotypes of RPG games using satires which is very comical. Anime is also famous for its Facial expressions comic and exaggerated. Despite being a below average animation studio, the anime delivered a very fun and innovative work above the average.

The anime is very short, in one day you may be able to finish it and fall in love with the couple's romance. This anime shows that simple history can be very engaging. Go with the faith, this anime certainly earns the seal of Very recommended!

Net-juu no susume? - nova temporada - personagens - informações

Net-Juu no Susume characters

Morioka Moriko [盛岡森子]

Voiceover: Mamiko Noto

An unemployed single woman in her 30s and Hayashi's player. She left her corporate work being disillusioned with the real world and started playing MMORPG games almost non-stop as a way to find meaning in her life.

Hayashi (林) voiced by Ryouta Suzuki is the character of Moriko in the game Fruits de Mer, a male knight.


Sakurai Yuta [桜井優太]

Voice actor: Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese)

A young businessman and Lily's player. He's a bit British and an elite employee at his trading company. Outside of work, he is socially awkward and has difficulty communicating with others.

Lily (リリィ) voiced by Reina Ueda is Yuta's character in Fruits de Mer.

Net-juu no susume? - nova temporada - personagens - informações

Fujimoto Kazuomi [藤本和臣]

Voice actor: Takuma Terashima (Japanese)

A college student who works part-time at the Moriko convenience store frequently visits Kanbe's player. He also plays the MMO game and is aware that Moriko is also a player because he usually buys electronic money for the game every visit.

Koiwai Homare [小岩井誉]

Dubbed: Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese)

Yuta's co-worker and Moriko's former co-worker. He and Moriko met through their work calls and never met in person while she was employed. He holds Moriko in high regard as an employee and was upset when he suddenly decided to leave his job leading him to find another job at the commercial company that Yuta works for.

Net-juu no susume? - nova temporada - personagens - informações

Continuation or New season of Net-Juu no Susume

The first season of the anime has had great success among anime fans and newcomers, and of course, they are wondering when the second season of the series will air.

Suki Desu did an online search on continuation of the series in anime Net-Juu at Susume and notice what we find about it:


The chances of a New season or continuation of the anime Net-Juu no Susume are: Casualties!

Despite the great success of the anime, the manga hasn't released any new content since 2015 because the author fell ill. An official message was released that said: “Currently, Ms. Rin's physical condition has not reached the point where the manga can be serialized again.

At the time of this writing, no release date for a second season has been announced. The first season was released in 2017, many years have passed and the most recent news was in 2018 saying that the manga was finished because of the Author's health problems.

Net-Juu no Susume anime videos