Discover light and tasty Japanese meals


Many Brazilians love Japanese cuisine. Dishes such as sushi and sashimi combo are among the most ordered in the delivery apps and specialty restaurants are already everywhere.

In Sao Paulo, more restaurants specialize in Japanese cuisine than barbecue. But these restaurants often offer more Brazilian flavors and less linked to Japanese cuisine, which can frustrate those who want to taste the real spices of the eastern country.

The diversity of Japanese cuisine is enormous. There are dishes for all tastes and palates. Far beyond sushi and sashimi, there's a lot you can indulge in. Even on those days you just want something lighter and more flavorful.

Let's now list light and tasty Japanese dishes, ideal for hot days, for those recovering from an illness or, of course, for those who love flavor!



Besides being very light, somen has one more feature that makes it special for very hot days: It's cold. Yes, it is an iced noodle!

The noodles are very thin and there is the addition of dashi or tsuyu and some vegetables. It is one of the dishes that Japanese people most like to eat in the summer.

15 tipos de macarrão japonês

Hiyashi Chuka

Another chilled noodle, hiyashi chuka differs from somen mainly by the type of sauce used, which is tarê here, and by the ingredients that accompany it.

It's common to add several colorful and light ingredients to hiyashi chuka. The most common are cucumber, carrot, tomato, chicken and tamagoyaki. Light and tasty, it also has great nutritional value.

Hiyashi chuka – macarrão gelado


Tokoroten is also a noodle, but made from seaweed and not pasta. Its texture is gelatinous and its composition is 98% water, which makes it much sought after by people on a diet.


Another great thing about tokoroten is how easy it is to make. It is sold in supermarkets and just add a spice to your taste, such as vinegar or soy sauce.

15 tipos de macarrão japonês

missochiro soup

We Brazilians love soups. The Japanese are no different and their most famous version of this world culinary classic is miso soup.

Miso, a fermented soy paste, is the base ingredient of miso soup. The broth usually features katsuo-konbu dashi, which is used in many Japanese recipes. And, of course, this soup also has many other ingredients that can change depending on the taste of the person who consumes it.

The Japanese habit is serve the miso soup in a porcelain tureen, which keeps you warm longer and makes the heat distribution even.

O segredo da beleza, magreza e longevidade japonesa

Tsukimi Udon

The tsukimi udon is ideal for those who want a dish that is already fuller, but still light. In addition, it has the advantage of being one of the easiest meals in Japanese cuisine.

In short, tsukimi udon is noodles cooked in hot broth with a boiled egg. If we have already mentioned here dishes that are very popular in summer, this is one of the darlings of Japanese winter!

Udon – o macarrão grosso japonês