Japanese Tamagoyaki Omelette - Facts and Recipes

Do you know the famous Japanese omelet? In Japan it is called tamagoyaki (卵焼き or 玉子焼き), which literally means grilled egg. It can also be called dashimaki tamago (出し巻き卵) because of its shape and the dashi in its recipe. In this article, we are going to talk a little about the famous Japanese omelets that are very different and very successful.

The Japanese omelet is made up of eggs fried in different layers and then rolled up. They are usually prepared in a specific skillet with a rectangular shape called a makiyakinabe. There is an infinite variety of tamagoyaki, in the dough they make combinations with eggs, dashi, rice vinegar, soy sauce and even serve. It is usually stuffed with whatever the person desires, from salty things to sweet things.

Tamagoyaki is often served with other dishes, but is also popular for breakfast and breakfast. Some people use it in the preparation of the obento (lunch box), it helps in various combinations to create a culinary art. This recipe is very simple and you can add whatever seasoning or filling you want. The great difficulty is trying to make an omelet with dashi, because the texture is thinner and more fragile, but it is much more delicious.

Tamagoyaki - Japanese omelet - curiosities and recipes

Different types of Japanese omelets

There are thousands of variations and different types of tamagoyaki or other Japanese omelets. Let's see some below:

Iri Tamago – They are scrambled eggs forming flakes that are usually used as a topping for other dishes.

Usuyaki Tamago – A cooked omelet in a leaf shape that is often used for wrapping temari sushi or also to cut and create a Kinshi Tamago, a kind of grated omelet resembling noodles that is also often used in sushi or as a topping for other dishes.

Omurice – A dish consisting of a fried omelet stuffed with fried rice and usually topped with ketchup. very popular in maid cafe restaurants.

There are many other types of tamagoyaki that are defined according to their ingredients, thickness and preparation. They usually take the name of the ingredients in the composition.

Tamagoyaki - Japanese omelet - curiosities and recipes

Recipe - How to make a Tamagoyaki?

  • 3 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon of mirin sake;
  • 1/2 teaspoon of shoyu (soy sauce);
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar; 
  • 3 tablespoons of dashi; 
  • 1/2 tablespoon of oil;
  • Stuffing and other optional ingredients;

First beat the eggs with sake, soy sauce and dashi. Heat the non-stick frying pan with oil, and put some of the beaten eggs in an attempt to make a kind of thin pancake. Gently roll the omelet from one side to the other and leave it in the corner of the skillet. Now you repeat the process letting the next dough go under the rolled omelet. Roll the next omelet over the already rolled omelet (you can do everything with a chopstick or spatula).

After you have made and rolled all the omelets you can place them on a bamboo mat to roll them up better and make them firmer. Now just wait for it to cool, cut into several pieces and eat! You can see the whole process and different ways to make a tamagoyaki by watching the final videos below:

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