Apps to help you immerse yourself in Japanese culture

There are many ways to experience the culture of a country. Between movies, music, photos, cooking and clothing, we gradually learn to understand how the inhabitants of a distant place live. However, technology has brought a new and fascinating possibility: mobile apps.

With mobile apps, you can immerse yourself in a country's culture. New activities, such as direct conversation with native speakers, free language lessons and exclusive access to movies and series make contact much closer.

So of course apps can help you immerse yourself in Japanese culture! Check out some of the most known and important ones:

Apps to help you immerse yourself in Japanese culture

Hiragana Quest

Learning Japanese is not easy, but you can do it yourself. Hiragana Quest is an application developed in Tokyo especially for learning the language of the land of the rising sun, that is, it has its own didactics and mechanics.

The Hiragana Quest differential is the interactive concept and the use of resources for memorizing Japanese syllabaries. It is available for Android and iOS.


If you already know the Japanese language well, you can download Mobage, a kind of social network for games. In it, developers allow millions of people to play and discuss their releases.

In addition to knowing what the Japanese are playing, with Mobage you can make friends from Japan, practice the language and get to know the culture up close.


Many Brazilians are fanatical about anime, one of the most international products of Japanese culture. Crunchyroll is a streaming service specialized in such media, offering a rich catalogue.

According to data researched and published by Tech Reviews, Crunchyroll reached its peak of popularity during the Coronavirus pandemic, with Google Trends showing a large number of daily searches in the second half of 2020. The Jujutsu Kaisen series is the one that brings most people to the service.

List of crunchyroll + dubbed anime

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The cuisine is one of the best known points of Japanese culture, but despite being much loved here in Brazil, we understand little about its roots. But take it easy: Some apps can help you get deeper into the subject.

Sushiguru describes various Japanese dishes and has a catalog that shows images of different types of meals. With it, you can learn details of the cuisine of the land of the rising sun and learn about special terms and ingredients.

NHK World Japan

How about having on your cell phone one of the biggest media conglomerates in Japan? NHK World Japan is an app with Japanese news in text, video and radio, is available in 17 languages (including Portuguese) and is constantly updated.

In addition to reading, watching or listening to the news, you get in touch with current affairs and daily life in Japan, which is great for understanding the culture. And, of course, the content is quite varied, ranging from sports reports to book tips.

Of course Japanese culture is very present in Brazil and that it gave us elements that have already blended into our daily lives, but to get to know it in depth, we need contact with the language and with the natives. With each of these apps, you take your knowledge of Japan to a new level!

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