Kogashi Ramen – The noodles that catch on fire

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Did you know that there is a ramen that literally catches fire? Today we are talking about the Kogashi Ramen known as the fire ramen. Kogashi can literally mean burnt or roasted, this happens because the ramen broth is set on fire and poured over the noodles. The chef literally sets the plate on fire to create this delicious new recipe.

There are thousands of varieties of ramen in Japan, the restaurant gogyo in Tokyo was one of the people responsible for cooking up this new idea. Each bowl of ramen is set on fire for a while making the broth very dark. Despite looking burnt, the flavor is delicious and unique. Ramen can be prepared with miso soup or soy sauce.

Gogyo's restaurant is very spacious and has a great appetizer menu and delicious sake. My friend Rodrigo Coelho had the chance to visit this delicious restaurant in Roppongi, so I will share with you the video with all his experience below:

Kogashi Ramen – On fire everywhere

The kigashi ramen can be found elsewhere in Japan. Of course they are never the same, the ingredients, preparation methods and the chef's hand are totally different. One of the kogashi ramen popular in Japan is also in Kyoto city at the restaurant called men Baka Ichidai.

the restaurant of gogyo it also appears to have opened at other locations in Kyoto and Nagoya. This idea of burning the ingredients of the dishes with a flame of fire is not unique. We have already enjoyed it in drinks and also in some Chinese dishes. There are other flamboyant Japanese dishes that cannot go unnoticed.

Kogashi ramen - the dish that catches fire

Teppanyaki, hotete and saganaki are just a few dishes that the Japanese decided to set on fire and make a spectacle of themselves. If you know any other burnt delicacy from Japan, comment below. We appreciate the shares and comments. We recommend reading:

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