Kiss in Japan - How is it viewed? Kissing in public?


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Many know that Japanese culture disapproves of kissing in public, even on the side. But is it true that Japanese people don't kiss in public today? How do they view it? In this article we will address different subjects and curiosities about Kiss in Japan.

We can see that even in anime and dramas a kiss can end up being rare. Several successful romantic dramas sometimes do not have a kiss. How do the Japanese view the kiss? A survey conducted by SK Planet Japan with 400 men and women between 20 and 30 years old reveals interesting things about Kissing, breaking this subject that is often a taboo.

About 60% of respondents kissed only 5 people. 90% of women said that not all of their kisses led to dating. That is, many women have confirmed that they are willing to kiss for no reason, just because they want to. That is, nowadays casual kissing has become common in Japan, it is no longer that promise that it used to be.

Beijo no japão - como é encarado? Beijar em público?

The culture of kissing in Japan

Although many young people today are not ashamed to kiss, or even to kiss strangers. It ends up being difficult to find a “kiss” situation when your shy nature ends with the courage to approach the girls. Some resort to group meetings to get closer and find a date. During school life, many Japanese people start a relationship, but sometimes they don't even have the courage to kiss.

Some say that the kiss in Japan only happens when both parties want sex, a big stereotype, a big lie. It is true that many prefer to do this in the comfort of their home, and some couples may end up not kissing at all times, such as going out to work and arriving home. It is a fact that the Japanese are ashamed, and do not like to display affection in public.

Beijo no japão - como é encarado? Beijar em público?

Another thing that gets in the way of kissing in public is the fact that the Law in Japan prohibits relationships between students under the age of 18 without the consciences of the country. Despite Japan being an open country and not getting involved in the lives of others, many end up feeling shocked or uncomfortable when they see people kissing in public.

  • There are legends that say that kissing was banned by Tokugawa due to the tuberculosis epidemic that haunted Japan at the time;
  • Despite Japan's conservative culture, some children and teenagers have used the kiss on the cheek as a greeting;

Japanese women look like they like to be kissed on the neck.

The kiss involving the exchange of saliva and tongue was called a kuchizui (口吸い) which can literally be translated as sucking a mouth. When the West influenced Japan in the Meiji era, the common kiss was called seppun (接吻) which can literally be translated as touch of lips. Until with time the most common term came from the English kiss (kisu - キス).

  • キスして - kisu shite - verb to kiss
  • チュー / チュウ - chuu - Kissing onomatopoeia
  • Kissu (キッス) can also be understood as a kiss. (Or name of the band Kiss);

Kissing in public in Japan?

Although it seems taboo, and it is rare, it is not unusual to find people kissing, holding hands or hugging in public in large urban areas in Japan. This is because many young people today are being influenced by the Western media and are entering the wave. In fact, interviews reveal that Japanese women are more comfortable kissing in public when it is with a foreigner.

Perhaps many do not kiss in public because of the lack of initiative by men. Some say they would not be ashamed if they are in places with a romantic mood. Research shows that about 20% of young people between 17 and 29 kiss in public. Cities like Osaka and Tokyo this rise to 32%. See our guide to when to kiss in Japan by clicking here. 

Beijo no japão - como é encarado? Beijar em público?

Just because the Japanese do not kiss or show affection in public does not mean that they are not affectionate, they just show it differently. The fact is, the Japanese are people like anywhere. And all people are different and with different preferences. I'm a Brazilian myself, I don't go out kissing anyone who isn't considered my girlfriend. But I wouldn't be ashamed of kissing in public either, even in Japan.

Kissing strangers in public?

Finally, I will leave some videos that show attempts by foreigners to kiss unknown Japanese women on the streets. I do not like any of this kind of game and I find it degrading and considered a wrong attitude.

But it is interesting to see the reactions and opinions, to see how they refuse, or even some that accept and kiss without any shame. You don't think it is easy for them to accept it because these videos are cut and 90% of the girls refuse. And remember that kissing a girl in Japan can cause problems!

This last video is the worst, because he kind of forces the girl, using a challenge… They feel uncomfortable to refuse… Sad… If I were them I would slap him in the face and run away lol

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