Japanese romantic gesture of picking up the boy's clothes

Have you ever noticed that in many anime, dramas, films, manga and other Japanese media, there is an iconic scene that makes your heart flutter? Do a couple with a lot of shyness walk together when the girl decides to pull or hold the hem of the boy's shirt? In this article, we’ll talk about that gesture romantic Japanese.

There is no correct term, but if you search for fuku o tsukamu [服を掴む] which literally means taking clothes, you will find several images of this romantic scene. Another term you can search for is suso o tsukamu [裾をつかむ] and fuku no suso o hipparu [服の裾を引っ張る] which literally means to grab the sheath.

Japanese romantic gesture of picking up and pulling the boy’s clothes

Researching a little about it, I realized that not even the Japanese can explain the full meaning behind this gesture properly. The only thing we know is that the Japanese favor indirect contacts better. Knowing a little more about this gesture can help us understand how a girl feels.

Why does picking up clothes make your heart flutter?

Pulling or grabbing the hem or sleeve of clothing is a classic gesture that makes men attracted for a long time. This is probably because since childhood, we are used to pulling an adult's clothes to draw attention to a certain thing. This causes a feeling of protection in adults.

Japanese romantic gesture of picking up and pulling the boy’s clothes

Most of the time the man does not take the initiative to take the girl’s hand or get closer to her. The woman usually holds her clothes to indicate her intention of wanting to shorten that physical distance. This gesture is often done unconsciously, a major result of Japanese shyness.

The Japanese love cute girls, this gesture makes a gigantic impression of shame which generates a lot of cuteness. This gesture clearly says on the man’s face: I want to take your hand but I’m ashamed. Girls also use this to keep their partner away when they are in a crowded place and have no confidence to take their hand.

Japanese romantic gesture of picking up and pulling the boy’s clothes

What does grabbing the hem of the shirt mean?

Some say that this gesture is to take the boy’s heart. To take the shirt is to show emotions and feelings openly, despite apparently acting in the opposite way, standing behind the boy with a hidden face and eyes. It also reminds me of unsuccessful attempts to try to take each other’s hands.

This gesture is one of the best ways to win that boy, draw attention or warm up your relationship. A more daring way is to hold the shirt sleeve directly next to the hand, indicating the desire to hold it. Some women are bolder and grab the man from behind.

Japanese romantic gesture of picking up and pulling the boy’s clothes

In the image above illustrated by kuro293939 he teaches a little about the manga art, but we can take some interesting information about the way that girls usually hold the hem of their shirts:

  1. With your feet one forward and the other a little back, it feels like you’re holding on with a little shame;
  2. It is a way of holding on to any little elegant, because of fear. (Used in scenes where they are going to some dangerous place, kimodameshi….);
  3. By holding it with both hands, it feels like you are desperate not to leave it;
  4. Holding only with one hand, and the other being closed, gives the feeling that it required courage for her action;

The ideal is to walk holding the boy’s clothes. Just touching it and quickly removing it can make a basic impression of drawing attention to a particular subject. What do you think of this Japanese romantic gesture? Did you already notice that in the anime and were you curious? We look forward to your comments in the comments and their possible sharing.

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