Japanese romantic gesture of grabbing the boys clothing


Translated by Victor Ferreira Toledo

Have you ever seen in many animes, doromas, movies, manga and other japanese entertainment media an iconic scene that makes the heart beats faster,  a very shy couple walking together when the girl pulls or hold the boy’s clothing sheath. In this post we’re gonna talk about this japanese romantic gesture.

There’s no correct word to describe it, but if you look for fuku o tsukamu [裾をつかむ] meaning grab the clothing, you’ll find many images of this romantic scene. Another common word you can search for is fuku no suso o hipparu [服の裾を引っ張る] that literally means grab the sheath.

Japanese romantic gesture of grabbing the boys clothing

A quick search about about that I realize either the japanese can explain properly the meaning behind this gesture. The only thing we know is that the japanese people prefer indirect body contact. Know a little about this gesture can help us understanding a girl feeling.


Pull or grab the clothing sheaf, bar or manga is a classic gesture which makes men get attracted for a long time. This probably happens because since kids we are used to pull the clothing of an adut to call their attention for some things. This makes the protection feeling on adults.

Japanese romantic gesture of grabbing the boys clothing

In most times men takes initiative to grab a girl hand or getting closer to her. Women are used to hold the men clothing to shorten their physical distance. This gesture is sometimes made unconscious, a result of the japanese shyness.

The japanese people loves cute girls, this gesture is a gigantic impression of shyness, which generates cuteness. This gesture clearly means for the man: I want to grab your hand but I’m very shy. Girls also uses this in to not get lost from her partner in a crowded area, and are not trustfull enough to grab the partner’s hand.

Japanese romantic gesture of grabbing the boys clothing


Some may say it’s a gesture to grab the boy’s heart. Grabbing the shirt shows clearly the emotion and feeling, despite apparently act the contrary way, stayin behind the guy with the face and eyes hidden. I also remember the failed attempts of grabbing each other hands.

This gesture is one of the best ways to hit on that guy, calling attention or heat up your relationship. A bold attempt is to hold directly the shirt manga near the hand, indicating the desire to hold it. Some woman are bolder and hold the man from behind.

Japanese romantic gesture of grabbing the boys clothing - agarrar camisas 1

In the above by kur293939 teaches a little about manga art, but we can take some interesting information about the way girls often holds the clothing sheaf:

  1. With one feet facing front and other facing aside, it gives the sensation of shyness;
  2. It’s not an elegant way because of fear (used in scenes in dangerous places, kimodameshi…);
  3. By holding with both hands it gives the feeling that she is desperate so that he does not leave her;
  4. Holding with only one hand with the other closed indicates this act demanded a lot of courage from her;

The right way is walking seized by the clothes of the boy. Merely touching it and rapidly may cause the feeling of an attempt to call the attention to certain matter. What do you think of this romantic japanese gesture? Have you seen it in animes and got curious? We are waiting for you in the comments section below and sharing.

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