Become an avid reader of Japanese

One of the biggest challenges for anyone starting to learn Japanese is developing the habit of reading, as reading is not always an activity that we can fit into our routine with vigor.

Po1TP29So, we know that for this activity not to go unnoticed, it needs to be done using materials that we like. But then, another unknown arises for those who are learning Japanese.

What do I read? Trapped in these thoughts, many people end up going to textbooks, which are HYPER BORING, with dialogues that are not at all natural, and that only appear on a test. And then, she goes there, opens some website in Japanese and there it is, a bunch of words that she has never seen, and then she wonders.

"What's wrong with me that I don't understand any of this?"

And that's the crux of the matter. The problem isn't with you, it's that you're not learning real Japanese. you are learning something Artificially created just to help you pass a test like the JLPT test and these boring books make you repulse Japanese books.

And then, that's why you never develop the reading skills you should have. It's worth remembering that, for you to advance quickly in a language, you need to see what is "usual", that is, what always appears in the language, especially in what you are always in contact with.

Remember if! Yes, you need to study phrases, words, vocabulary and grammar. But it doesn't have to be through those boring books unless you are going to take the JLPT exam that year.

But you can very well learn these things through BOOKS and SITES OF YOUR INTEREST. I.e; What you like and consume. Because to truly learn, you need to be in contact.

If you like reading about personal development, aesthetics, health, entertainment, naturally, what you read in Japanese necessarily needs to be linked to these things. And then over time, as you build a base understanding these subjects that you like. you pass it on to others. Thus, little by little mastering every aspect of the Japanese language.

And with that in mind, through this artigo, we will present you with a list of materials so that you can enjoy reading. In fact, there is already a video on our channel in which we comment on this, it is below.


Become an avid reader of Japanese
Become an avid reader of Japanese

One of the most popular reading formats among those who end up developing an affection for Japanese culture and language. Mangas are Japanese comic books, and as expected, it is a very accessible resource for anyone who wants to start reading in Japanese.

In addition to its ease of reading, as it has an image, scene, designed for each action and speech of the characters, making the interpretation of the narrative much easier. Consequently, improving your Japanese.

light novel

Become an avid reader of Japanese

Another reading format for those aficionados of fiction, romance and adventure. Novels are books that tell the narrative of a character without the use of images, unlike manga. The advantage of starting to read novels is that you train a very advanced Japanese text interpretation skill.

Novels narrate actions, movements, ideas, thoughts, that is, they develop an exceptional capacity for interpretation and knowledge of vocabulary and structures.

Learning Japanese with light novels


Become an avid reader of Japanese

It may seem obvious, but there are fantastic books that are only in Japanese, personal development books written by Japanese writers that have no translation into other languages.

In this context, we know that books in general deal with different issues, technology, health, finance, etc. And if you're someone who loves acquiring knowledge through books, reading in Japanese is hitting the rabbit with one stone. After all, in addition to absorbing knowledge, you will improve your Japanese.

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:

Visual novel

Become an avid reader of Japanese
Become an avid reader of Japanese

Visual novels are narrative games with an image that represents the scene and below the text. These are games that generally tell romance narratives, with alternative endings that vary depending on your speech choices.

It's a great reading resource, as visual novels generally don't have Furigana (the Kana reading of the text) which trains your ability to read Japanese kanji.

Do you know what Visual Novel is?

Blogs and news sites

Become an avid reader of Japanese
Become an avid reader of Japanese

Blogs and news sites tend to cover various social and routine topics. Which makes them an excellent way to improve your reading in the language, practically being the gateway for many to start reading Japanese due to its ease of access and collections of content available within a blog.

There is even a Japanese news site created precisely for beginners of the Japanese language, News Web Easy Japan, this site even has kanji reading in Furigana, being an entry point for those who are starting to learn Japanese.

In short, starting to read Japanese is not as difficult as it seems, initially you will struggle to interpret some texts, however, as you start to read and learn words and structures from these texts, they will become easier.

A suggestion is also to read in Japanese, what you have already read in português, since you will already know what the story is about and how it unfolds, worrying only about combining the meaning of those texts with what you already know,

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