10 sites to watch Korean dramas for free

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For those who are passionate about drama, they certainly like tips on where to watch new releases and review their favorites. I brought you 5 options for websites to stay on top of your favorite drama and without paying anything extra for it – besides, of course, internet and electricity.

Unfortunately, many funsubs had to close their activities in 2021, most of them not being able to afford the expenses as they were sites that did not have the financial help of third parties.

However, despite several account deactivations, there are still good options for those who are fans of a drama to have fun. So let's go.

The drama also called K-drama or South Korean soap opera is a television drama from North Korea. Just as there are various categories of movies, there are also styles of dramas for all tastes, such as comedies, dramas, romances, thrillers and many other genres.

Whoever is a dorameiro is certainly always up to date with new releases and there are people who want to embark on this type of entertainment. With that in mind, I'm going to talk about the 5 most popular sites to watch dramas, both paid and free platforms.

1 - Netflix 2 - Telegram 3 - Rakuten Viki 4 - Drama Fansubs 5 - Kingdom Fansubs 6 - Line TV 7 - Crunchyroll 8 - Movie Asian Fansub 9 - We TV

A Netflix is by far one of the most popular platforms worldwide to watch from animations to series from various countries. Created in 1997 in the United States, the company started as a service to deliver DVDs by mail. And it is currently a streaming platform with more than 220 million subscriptions, not counting the non-subscribers who get access by sharing their account with someone else.

And on the platform there are even several types of drama and many that are among the most popular. There is no way to know for sure the amount of drama available on streaming, but the certainty is that there are countless. Every month something new arrives and the public has shown an increasing interest in South Korean culture.

To access Netflix it is necessary to pay the monthly fee, but most people can watch it for free with accounts from friends, relatives, partners and other means. It is important to mention Netflix, as it is responsible for disseminating Korean dramas in the West,

Many people choose to split the amount as it is possible to have up to 4 screen divisions. And still others are simply “parasites” (a common term on the internet to refer to a person who does not pay, but uses the platform). This is a good option for those who like a more complete version.

Dorama - learn 5 ways for you to watch Korean drama

2 - Telegram

The Telegram is a social network for conversation and groups. One of the main features of this tool is cloud storage. If you join a group it is possible to have access to messages prior to your joining the group.

The social network has more than half a billion active users, according to surveys from last year, and allows the use of video calling, sending messages, exchanging photos, videos, and files. And you can watch your favorite series. But how?

After you have already installed the app on your cell phone, go to the magnifying glass (top right corner) and search for: streaming now, click on the option, then you will enter a kind of group, but with electronic messages with the options you can choose .

Another way to watch the drama is to join specific groups that you find on different Instagram profiles. Usually in the bio you will already have the link to access the group and be able to watch your drama. There are groups for specific K-drama and others with several options to be able to watch. The app is free and available for Android and IOS.

3 - Rakuten Viki 

Founded in 2007, Rakuten Viki is a streaming platform that allows users to interact to create content. For example, users are allowed to subtitle series, movies, among others. The name Viki is the union of VIDEO and WIKI (like Wikipedia), as it uses volunteers to manage content.

Because of the collaborators, the network contains more than 200 languages, 50 of which are endangered languages, making a difference in relation to the others that generally have the most popular dialects. Rakuten Viki has its own productions such as: Dramaworld, Where your eyes remain and Light in me.

Viki has both a free and a paid version. Even in the free option you already have drama available, even in the app. The subscription service is called Viki Pass and has exclusive content. no ads, HD options. The value is US$ 0.99 per month or US$ 9.99 per year. 

Dorama - learn 5 ways for you to watch Korean drama

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4 - Drama Fansubs

Drama Funsubs is a website that allows drama fans to translate and subtitle. The site has an immense amount of dramas, the quality of the videos is in HD, without the need to register and you have the option to download as well.

You can find the drama in alphabetical order and you can keep an eye on those that release weekly episodes that are always updated on the website and have access to Korean soap operas from 2010 to the present.

Dorama - learn 5 ways for you to watch Korean drama

5 - Kingdom Fansubs

Kingdom Fansubs is very similar to Drama Funsubs, but the user needs to register, but it's free. To be able to watch the drama you must follow the steps: Enter the site; Go to 'Register'; Accept the terms of use; Insert data and email; in the email you will receive a password for access.

Dorama - learn 5 ways for you to watch Korean drama

6 - Line TV

Line TV is a free streaming service, but as you watch, some ads appear. The platform originated in Thailand, expanded throughout the Asian continent, and is now easily accessible in various countries around the world. The headquarters are located in Japan.

The platform allows you to exchange experiences with other users, watch shows, 24-hour television and your favorite dramas. Line TV can be downloaded on any device.

7 - Crunchyroll

Crunchryroll serves both for watch anime like drama. However, this platform is not 100% for free. It offers content at no cost, but if you want to have more variety, you need to subscribe to a monthly subscription. When the platform first appeared in 2006, the site had mostly East Asian content.

More than 100 million users access the platform worldwide – it is not allowed in all countries. Crunchryroll has more than 1000 anime series, more than 200 East Asian dramas and about 80 manga titles. Streaming already had more than one million paid subscribers in 2017. In 2021, there were more than 5 million.

8 - Filme Asiático Fansub

Movie Asian Funsub features dramas and movies from South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, India, and the Philippines. Created in August 2017, the site does not have much engagement in the social networks, but the platform is well visited. It is very simple to use, since at the entrance of the site, the options of which nationality the user wants to watch the programming are given.

Then just go to the desired option and go to the catalog of dramas of various styles. However, you must open an account to gain access.

9 - Nós TV

The We TV is geared towards Android and you should download the application "We TV - Dramas and shows!". the app is simple to move and because it is divided by categories it is better to find the drama you want. The app is very complete and allows configurations to be made according to the needs of each user.

The app has a function that is similar to that of Instagram, in which short and fun videos are played on the screen in vertical format. Your profile on instagram it is very engaged and brings many excerpts from dramas, which makes it easy to know which one will be next on the list.

10 - Drama Websites

Doramas BR, in addition to broadcasting doramas, also has anime. You don't need to download an app or register, the videos are watched online. The platform is simple, at the beginning of the site, the options for dramas that are organized in alphabetical order already appear.

By clicking on the desired drama, the technical sheet and the list of seasons with the episodes appear. When clicking to play the video, another tab will open and then the user must click on the ad to get the release.

Yes, the bad thing about free options is the various ads that we have to watch, but they are helpful so that the people involved have the resources to continue keeping them running.

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