Tokyo Webcams – Live Cams from Japan


Have you ever thought about seeing real-time images of Japan and Tokyo through WebCams around the city? See Tokyo's most popular neighborhoods live through the city's YouTube cameras.

People from all over the world put their external cameras to record and upload directly to Youtube, some put these videos as public and even put together a Youtube channel.

Here's an example of a Live camera that's been open since January 2021:

Japan Live Camera Channel List

Webcams de tokyo - câmeras ao vivo do japão

Japan WebCam PlayList

Below we will share some PlayList which has live or recorded videos from Japan Webcam, streets, train lines, view from above, below and from different places.


They are gigantic Playlists with countless webcams and cameras, we recommend examining each one of them for find the location What do you want. I hope you enjoy seeing Japan live!

How about starting by following a view of the sky and roads of Japan?

There are other beautiful places to see through cameras like the famous Tokyo Tower.

Or rather, what do you think of closely following the Mount Fuji through a hidden camera? We even wrote an article showing the best locations to see Fuji-san.

Japan Train Line Live Cameras

The Playlist below has cameras on train lines across Japan:


Cameras Walking the Streets of Tokyo

Accessing the Japan Walk Youtube Channel we have 24 hour videos walking around Tokyo and filming nostalgic people and places, perfect to kill your longing for Japan.

Below I will leave a Youtube PlayList that is harder to go offline, we have recorded videos, but you can find live streams on PlayList:

Tokyo Webcam Sites

Below is a list of sites that also display Tokyo Webcam and other locations from Japan and the world, I hope you like the list of sites below:

Webcams de tokyo - câmeras ao vivo do japão - webcam tokyo

Live Cameras by Cities in Japan

live cameras from tokyo

There are some sights in Tokyo that deserve to be highlighted like the Shibuya Crossing, the busiest place in the world with more than 2 million people passing by every day.

Another place that draws the curiosity of fans in Japan is the Otaku and Akihabara Electronic Center. We can also mention the large floating artificial island Odaiba with the gigantic statuette of Gundam.

There are many places to visit in Tokyo, what do you think to follow through the cameras using the links below? You can also search for Live Cam Tokyo or the neighborhood name on Google or Youtube to find more results.