Is it worth reading Light Novel?

Many anime are adaptations of manga and light novels. Both forms of media are well known in Brazil and in the world. But even so, there is still a big gap between the popularity of manga and the novels here in Brazil. Simply put, reading manga is much more popular than reading light novels.

The point is, there are as many light novels as there are manga. But if you are an otaku here in Brazil, you will see that the most talked about are the manga. So much so that it is very difficult to find Light Novels in Portuguese, even translated by fans.

The biggest fansubs are manga, the biggest youtube channels usually talk about manga, and even publishers that license Japanese works tend to prefer manga.

Is it worth reading light novel?

This makes it easy to know that reading light novels here is much less popular than reading manga. Therefore, this is reflected in other ways for otaku, for example, translations of light novels are not common in Portuguese, so obtaining a copy of one for reading is a little more difficult.

After all, why take the trouble to read light novel? Manga, at least has the drawings and can hold and attract much more readers' attention. With that in mind, reading light novels becomes less and less popular every day.

Why read light novel?

It may not seem like it, but reading light novels can increase the level of imagination much more than manga and anime. Our imagination is very important when it comes to establishing a critical pattern of things.


Explaining better, I always liked to follow the Overlord light novel. Since volume 10 I had been taking pirated drafts of the internet in English and had been translating on my own. And the best thing about this novel, is how much it requires of your imagination.

Is it worth reading light novel?

Let's say you have to imagine a totally new fantasy world, without any type of basic drawing, only with the information that the author gave you. And if you can't at least get a rough idea of it, at one time or another you will get lost in context.


But the point is, your imagination goes crazy. And not only does Overlord do this, almost all novels demand it of you, some more, some less. But some requirements they will make for your imagination.

Imagining is having fun

And as I always say, using your imagination for something like that, amuses anyone. The experience of being able to see that world, thing or being in our imagination, and to give characteristics to it, is already very pleasurable.

Another point is that imagination is something that the world is demanding more and more. More and more works are emerging based solely on imagination, and whoever has the best imagination is the one who gets along.

Is it worth reading light novel?

Besides, these people always tend to have a more open mind to things. Therefore, situations that would be difficult can be quite simple for them. All because they have an imagination that allows them to be like that.

Of course, the more you train your imagination, the better it gets. But even so, reading light novel is not just for that. It is also a great hobby, a great disguise for a cultured person.

In addition to helping people with their reading and vocabulary difficulties. And if you're one level up, it helps you learn English. in short, the reasons for reading light novels are numerous.

the situation changes

The fact is that this is changing. Light novels are increasingly conquering audiences, especially seinen, aimed at young people and adults, so more and more titles fall into popular taste and are adapted for anime.

An example of a successful anime based on a light novel is Read or Die, written by Hideyuki Kurata. Read or Die was adapted in manga, anime and a live action series. Another successful adapted anime was Sword Art Online. The two sold more than 300,000 volumes of light novels and the anime was equally successful.

Currently in Brazil, the same publishers that publish manga are the ones that publish some light novels, such as Newpop, JBC and Conrad, translating into Portuguese, as well as translations on websites, made by blog teams.

There are already many light novels translated into English that have not yet been translated into Portuguese from the anime that are currently being broadcast. The more audience you have here, the more novels and the faster they will be translated.