What happens in Accel World? - Novel Spoilers

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The Light Novel series Accel World received a somewhat troubled anime adaptation. While some hate, others love and find it much better than Sword Art Online. The big problem is that after the 2012 anime adaptation we never had any new season information. And due to the low success it is difficult to find information about Novel on the Internet. In today's article we will try to explain some things that happen in novel and share some spoilers for those who don't care about it.

The anime adapted only about 4 novels, while we currently have more than 20 volumes. This means that a lot has happened that arouses our curiosity. I find it impossible to summarize the 20 volumes in one article, so I will mention just a few important curiosities and the direction that the story takes to cure your curiosity.

I'll try to summarize in a simple way without giving too many spoilers, just so you know the direction history has taken. Any error or suggestion, I appreciate the comments.


Arco Summary - Chrome Disaster

One of the first arches that take place after Anime is the cursed armor that was inside the Silver Crown.

At the volume 5 Lime Bell tries to recover Sky Raker's legs, but to no avail since his legs were cut by Black Lotus using the red system. In this novel there is a great race called the Sky Race. During the race the cursed armor becomes aware of Silver Crow, but Lime Bell uses his ability to go back in time to temporarily restore Haru's consciousness.

Accel world

At the volume 6 Haru goes to the second meeting of the 6 kings of pure colors. He has been given 7 days to get rid of Chrome Disaster (cursed armor) or he will get a big reward for his head. Haru asks for help from Shinomiya Utai (former member of the nebulous deny) to remove the Chrome Disaster parasite. In this volume, the ISS KIT (Incarnate System Study Kit) was also introduced, which allows the incarnated system to be used easily, but the KIT stimulates the user's negative emotions, making it more violent.


At the volume 7, Silver Crow learned the full story of the armor through a dream sequence, while remaining inside the Imperial Palace in the Unlimited Field. Taku ends up becoming infected with the ISS KIT. We already volumes 8 and 9 many things happen, until finally Haru manages to seal the cursed armor that now becomes the “Destiny” armor.

At the volume 10 Aqua Current and Kuroyukihime go to Okinawa.

ISS Kit and Oscillatory Universe arc summary

From volumes 11 to 16 the arc of the ISS Kit that we already mentioned. This kit was created by Acceleration Resarch Society a dark and mysterious organization that uses the illegal implanted chip that Noumi used.


Accel world

In these volumes we discover that Kuroyukihime's sister is the white queen known as Transient Eternity or White Cosmos. She is one of the main antagonists of the series and president of Acceleration Resarch Society.  

In the past, Kuroyukihime tricked her into killing the red king. Your objective was to get the Seven Roses weapon. Kuroyukihime got angry, tried to kill his sister in real life, so she ended up being kicked out of the house and started being treated as someone who had mental illnesses. So no one came to visit her at the hospital after the accident.


At the volume 15 we know Metatron, an artificial intelligence that helps Haru. In volumes ahead of Nega Nebulous and other kings come together to battle against the White Queen's Legion Oscillatory Universe and the ARS.

Origin of Kuroyukihime

Kuroyukihime was born from an artificial uterus and is considered a Machine Child, explaining why the barcode on her neck. The code says 20320930, which is literally Kuroyukihime's birth date 9/30/2032, records indicate that she had a 13-month pregnancy.

She was born with STL technology that was acquired by RECT from Yuuki Shouzou who created Alfheim Online and also from the company Kamura where her father works. Interesting the connection that the name Kamakura has kuroyukihime, both are written with the same ideograms [黒雪姫].

Interesting facts is that Kuroyukihime celebrates her birthday on the same day Asuna was born, and since Kuroyukihime's parents controlled her artificial pregnancy that lasted 13 months, they probably expected that specific day that must have some meaning and connection.

Accel world curiosities and spoilers

Remember the Ash Roller? That skull on the motorcycle? That's a woman called Kusakabe Rin. Your character is a man because the avatar belongs to her brother who is in a coma. She declares herself to Haru and says she loves him.

The romance between Haru and Kuroyukihime does not advance much, Fuuko and Niko continues to provoke Haru, and in the novel 16 he appears to like Metatron, but she appears to be an Artificial Intelligence.

Accel world

O Imperial Palace appears a lot in future volumes of the novel. The Chiyoda Palace located in the heart of Tokyo appears as a background in most of the game's scenarios. The big problem is that the palace is a game arena, but there is no camera on the premises, making it a place full of mysteries. He is considered by all players to be "impenetrable" because he is protected by the Four Gods. Kuroyukihime believes that there is the end of the game.


Seven Arcs “The Seven Stars of the Accelerated World”. These are the strongest weapons in the game, it is believed that 3 are located inside the Imperial Palace.

  • The Impulse, by Blue Knight;
  • The Tempest, by Purple Thorn;
  • The Strife, by Green Grandee;
  • The Illuminary, by White Cosmos;
  • The Infinity, by Azure Heir;
  • The Destiny, by Chrome Falcon / Saffron Blosson;
  • The Fluctuating Light;

The first 100 children to win the Buster Linker are called Originators. The green king and white queen are originators.

There are 2 other games similar to Brain Buster called Cosmos Corrupt 2040 and Accel Assault 2038. 

These are some curiosities and spoilers about Accel World, I hope you enjoyed it.