Complete list of anime virals and memes

Have you ever stopped to think which memes or virals that have spread in recent years that have a connection with anime? We did a little research and in this article we are going to share the biggest and most popular anime or related memes that have become popular or viral on the internet in recent years.

To make this list of viral anime memes, we will use the website knowyourmeme as a research base, which is one of the largest meme databases on the entire internet. There you can understand the origin of the meme, how it became popular, and its viral rate. Before we start, let's list the memes we have already mentioned on the site:

Complete list of anime virals and memes
Complete list of anime virals and memes

List of Anime Virals and Memes

On our website we write articles about the most popular memes involving some anime as in the case of nico nico, as well as others involving clichés that ended up going viral as memes. Now let's go to a list of anime memes and virals that maybe you have no idea existed. It is worth remembering that most of these memes and virals are from English.

Mega Milk or Titty Monster – Viral meme that consists of an anime character holding her giant breasts wearing a shirt written mega milk. This meme originated from a hentai published in 2007 by Shigen Akira called Tiny Boobs.

Yaranaika? [やらないか?] – A popular internet meme that grew out of dialogue from Kuso Miso Technique, a gay manga released in 1987. The meme was adapted in 2002 using a strange face with yaranaika dialogue.

Complete list of anime virals and memes

Just like in a doujin ero! – This phrase appeared in a Gundam-related doujin comic where the following dialogue takes place: Stop… You intend to rape me, right? Just like a doujin ero. In the end the guard replies: No way, move your ass! [やめて… 私に乱暴する気でしょう?エロ同人みたいに] The meme became popular in 2012.

My hips are moving on their own – A frequent quote in doujins and hentai, this slogan ended up spreading on 4chan until it becomes a meme accompanied by several images. The slogan went viral around 2010 and to this day has a good search rate.

Pomf Pomf Pomf – Pomf is the onomatopoeia of a loli falling into a bed, originated from the doujin Light of Tsukimi Manor 2The meme became even more viral when they made a parody of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's song "PonPonPon".

Te-Te-Te [てってってー] – These Japanese phonemes started to appear frequently in comments on videos from nico nico and other online communities. Te te te comes from a song by Idolmaster and its meaning is similar to a sung.

It's more than 8000 – It doesn't even need explanation that Dragon Ball Z slogan used as an innumerable quantifier to describe large number of something. But did you know that in other countries the meme it's more than 9000 because of a translation error?

Complete list of anime virals and memes

impossible – The photo of Japanese comedian Ayumy Kato accompanied by the caption Impossibru spread in the year 2010 to express a feeling of disbelief, fear, anger or genuine surprise.

ME!ME!ME! – Meme came from a music video released in 2014 on the Japan Animator Expo website. The video addresses several suggestive topics related to attractive-looking girls, these girls ended up becoming the source of several gifs, images and montages which went viral and created the meme.

Want more anime memes and virals?

There are many other memes and virals that we didn't detail in this article because they probably appeared in that article list at the beginning or are scattered throughout other articles on the site. The most popular anime memes and virals tend to come from simple cliché words like desu or even from little-noticed scenes that suddenly go viral.

Complete list of anime virals and memes

Unfortunately it is impossible to put all the memes based on anime that have appeared on the internet, not to mention that many others do not have their origin related to anime or manga, but appear constantly using their characters. We will try our best to update this list constantly.

If you remembered any other anime meme or viral, comment so we can research and write. Thanks for the comments and shares and until the next article!

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