Momo - Everything about the cursed doll

Have you heard of the urban legend of the momo doll that has been terrorizing people on whatsapp and now on the internet? Do you know how this momo legend came about? Why did momo go viral? In this article, we will do an in-depth research on all the origins and curiosities of momo, the cursed doll.

Like the blue whale, momo appeared mainly on whatsapp to terrify people, telling things about her life aggressively. Unfortunately people believe and easily fall for these lies. Anyone, friend or foe can generate a number online even from another country and create a whatsapp pretending to be this momo.

So if you really believe that momo is some supernatural monster of Japanese folklore, I want to make it clear that it is just a human legend where someone who knows you ended up joining the wave and participating in this game that grew insanely like the blue whale .

Momo - all about the cursed doll

What is the origin of the true momo?

It all started in 2016 when an Instagram user named @nanaakooo posted a photo of a sculpture that went viral on the internet. This sculpture was created by the Japanese special effects company called Link Factory. Through the images of this sculpture, the urban legend was created that became popular on whatsapp.

Things started to get popular in the Spanish language. In 2018 YouTubers started to spread this urban legend even more through their videos and also through social networks and memes. It did not take long for this legend to win several versions and people to use it to cause disgrace in the world.

In the legend that spread quickly across the web, Momo is an evil spirit that can contact you or can be summoned. In this case, through a call or via WhatsApp message. It is believed that the best time to manifest is three in the morning (another viral thing on YouTube).

If you want to know the doll in person, or the sculpture "Woman Bird", you can visit the Vanilla Gallery Museum in Tokyo, Japan. Momo is a common Japanese name that can mean peach, thigh and pelvis. Perhaps referring to the bird’s feet in the sculpture.

A simple photo of a scary doll with a smile and bulging eyes worthy of horror movies!

Momo - all about the cursed doll

The real danger of the doll - Momo’s challenge

It all started as a joke where people are causing fear through intimidating messages. Some ended up taking advantage of this opportunity to embezzle, exploit and blackmail the innocent. Things got worse when deaths in different parts of the world arose because of this momo on whatsapp.

Children aged 9 to 12 in Colombia, Mexico and even in Brazil ended up committing suicide because of momo's challenges they received through whatsapp, something very similar to the blue whale. Unfortunately, these children were easily manipulated. Amazing how parents let their children communicate with strangers on social networks and whatsapp.

Some people take advantage of these events like a blue whale or momo doll to steal people's personal data, some even manipulate fragile girls to rape them or make them commit suicide. Be smart and don't answer any messages on momo's behalf or anything dubious.

The important thing is to ignore, block and not believe, so the legend dies instead of spreading and causing more problems!

Is momo really dangerous?

Momo is nothing more than a scary doll made by a Japanese company. She is as lifeless as the person who propagates these lies or participate in that game playing the role of momo. How does a person end up spending his precious time to create a fake whatsapp to annoy others?

The real danger lies in the words defiance and anonymous people who have spread in a bizarre way and reached innocent people who believe in any word.

The blame of this legend is spread mainly to YouTubers, with thousands of followers and who make videos communicating with spirit and without making it clear that it is a joke and that the person should not respond if they receive messages like that. Something similar happened with the blue whale, the video below shows a little this unfortunate spread:

Momo Doll Legend Disbelief

The best way to end the dangers of momo’s challenges or to help people who may or are being harmed by such an urban legend, is to completely discredit it and encourage others to do the same. If you waste time watching videos, reading articles and details of the legend, it will only help spread it!

Some may question the fact that whatsapp numbers are from other countries, just make it clear that this is something easy to do over the internet. Others say they have seen videos of momo chatting in different parts of the world, which is just filters and effects from cellphone apps.

One ironic thing is that the legend of momo is practically unknown in Japan, even though it is a doll of Japanese origin. Firstly, Japanese do not use whatsapp but Line.

In Japan, there are already many urban legends and the Japanese easily believe in superstitions. It is amazing how they were not infected by the legend as in the West, but if this continues it may end up happening! I hope you enjoyed the article, if you did, share it with friends and leave your comments.

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