Anime characters running with bread in their mouths

Have you ever seen an anime character running around with a piece of toast or bread in their mouth? Do you know how this meme came about? What was the first anime where this happened? In this article, we will investigate the origin of the famous bread in the mouth! Shit! I'm late for school.

A common anime episode opening consists of a character late for school. He runs out of the house with a slice of toast in his mouth, while trying to put on his jacket and bumping into people (usually senpai) and getting his clothes covered in jelly.

That clichê is quite popular in anime romantic comedy, to break the perfect character pattern, giving an idea of clumsy. In Japan as in many countries there is a stigma of eating in public.

Anime characters running with bread in their mouths

How did this toast-in-the-mouth cliché come about?

The first work where this scene appeared was a Shoujo from the 70s, so this scene became quite popular in all genres, until it became too cliché to the point of currently using this scene only for comic relief or mockery.

Some claim that it all started in a manga called Tsuraize! Boku Chan written by Takahashi Ryouko from 1975. But at that time bread wasn't even popular in Japan, someone claimed that he looked for the manga in the Kyoto museum and didn't find a bread in his mouth.

Another person claims it came from a manga written by Motomura Miyoko about Patty's 1968 first love. In this scene she doesn't literally run with a piece of toast but with a roll of bread in her mouth.

Some believe that this cliché came from 1950s American soap operas where this same scene took place.

The name of the first anime is also unknown, some say it is the A-ko project 1986, others say it was the first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam where Amuro Ray chews a sandwich.

Anime characters running with bread in their mouths

The origin of a meme: Shit! I'm late for school

Because of this famous cliché of toast in the mouth, some Japanese and other internet jokers started recording and taking pictures of exaggerated scenes and runs while carrying objects in their mouths.

It all started in 2011 where a topic on an anime forum was created with the name of Fuck YeahAnimu Toast and in order to share fan-art of anime characters with toast in their mouths running to school.

During this period, photos of people carrying objects in their mouths began to appear on the famous website Tumblr. Soon this spread in a way that became the famous meme Shit! I'm late for school.

Anime characters running with bread in their mouths

Anime where characters run with toast in their mouths

The list of anime where characters run with bread in their mouths is quite extensive, let's try to list some below:

  • Seitokai Yakuindomo;
  • Cardcaptor Sakura;
  • Pokemon;
  • Evangelion;
  • Hajiotsu; Shoujo Mangaka;
  • Black Butler; Code Geass;
  • Nisekoi; Maid-Sama;

To finish, let's leave some images, see if it recognizes:

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