Horse head mask - How did it go viral?

You probably have seen people dressed in a horse's head on social media, videos, anime and various other media. And it really is very funny and the desire to take pictures when seeing someone wearing that head. This vinyl and latex mask also known as Horse Head Mask is used for humorous effect and symbol of anonymous on the Japanese web. In this article, we will understand a little about these masks and how it went viral.

The original horse head mask was originally manufactured in 2002 by Archie MCPhee & Co. She was sold as a Halloween costume in the USA, her goal was to be scary, but she is more funny and iconic. We are not sure how she went viral, but she is simply funny and this result is expected.

Horse head mask - how did it go viral?After thousands of references to the horse head mask it became popular worldwide. One of the first references happened in 2005 in a guide called Lonely Planet, where he told the story of travelers who wore horse masks.

Several funny events, photos and videos involving people with horse heads have spread and further strengthened this meme. Horse masks peaked between 2009 and 2011. There is even a moment when a horse-headed guy greets Obama. This must have generated even more fame for these masks.

How did horse heads influence Japan?

The first time a horse mask appeared in an anime was in 1999 in Sol Bianca: The Legacy. The second reference in anime was in the anime Full Metal Panic, where he had a horse-headed character named Pony-man, who chased students with a hairbrush.

Horse head mask - how did it go viral?

The third appearance was in 2007 in a school anime for girls called Strawberry Marshmallow. And then in 2013 in the anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga sukunai Next. The mask also appeared in the anime Hamatora in 2014 and in some other places.

Horse masks became very popular in Japan through Nico Nico Douga. Many who wished to remain anonymous used these masks. Great influence was from the Japanese artists Wotaken. He posted several videos on YouTube that spread and went viral all over the world.

Horse head mask - how did it go viral?

It may not have been influenced by the horse head mask. But there is even a game of visual novel or meeting called Uma no Purinsu-sama that tells the story of a girl and a horse with half a head of people.

Buying a horse head mask

Nowadays many people have already bought the horse head mask. It can be found on the internet for a reasonable price in the range of 50 reais. After this great viral appeared several versions and colors in addition to the heads of animals such as unicorn and zebra.

It is best to go out with this mask on the street and draw a lot of people’s attention. Many ask to take a picture and question their intellect and species. I bought mine myself and you? Do you dare to use one? What do you think of these masks? We would like to hear your opinion in the comments and your sharing.

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