Star Wars Phrases in Japanese

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With the launch of the Star Wars Movie in theaters in 2015, we wrote this article for fans of the franchise and lovers of the Japanese language. Today I present the most striking quotes and phrases from the films of the franchise.

Remember that we are going to keep the quotes from the dub in Japanese, so it might be a little different from English.

May the force be with you. (Ⅳ) - Que a força esteja com você

  • フォースと共にあれ
  • Fōsu to tomoni are

No, I'm your father. (To Luke) (Ⅴ) - Não, eu sou seu pai.

  • そうではない。私がお前の父親だ。
  • I won't. I'm your father.

A Jedi uses the Force for wisdom and defense, never for offense. (Ⅴ)

  • フォースは知識と防御のためにある。攻撃に使うな。
  • The word "Fōsu" is untranslatable. The rest of the phrase in English is: "is for knowledge and defense. Do not use for attack;"

A long time ago, in a very distant galaxy.

  • 遠い昔はるか彼方の銀河系で...
  • Far, far away in the distant galaxy...

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

  • 私を疑うのか? (You doubt me?)
  • Do I doubt myself

I will not forgive those who insult strength

  • フォースを侮辱するものは許せん 
  • Those who disrespect the boss are not allowed

Use the force, Luke!

  • フォースを使えルーク
  • Use the force, Luke!

Do or don't. The attempt does not exist. - Yoda

  • やってみるのではなく,やるのだ.
  • I'll try to do it, not just think about it.

Attachment is prohibited, possession is prohibited. But compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential in the life of a Jedi. – Anakin Skywalker

  • 執着は禁じられているよ。所有欲もご法度。でも無償の愛である思いやりは――ジェダイの精神なんだ。愛を抱くことは奨励されているんだよ
  • ShÅ«chaku wa kinji rarete iru yo. ShoyÅ« yoku mo gohatto. Demo mushō no aidearu omoiyari wa ―― jedai no seishin'na nda. Ai the daku koto wa shōrei sa rete iru nda yo

It's against my programming to impersonate a deity. – C3po

  • それはよろしくないかと。神様プログラムはありません。
  • Sore wa yoroshikunai ka to. Kamisama Pumpuramu Wa Arimasen;

You can find these and other Star Wars quotes and phrases in Japanese here. I hope you enjoyed Post, thank you for all the comments and shares. Enjoy and comment other phrases here.

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