How to propose to someone in Japanese

While in English there are not so many variations and ways of saying: Will you marry me? In Japanese, thanks to kanji and grammar, we can think of different ways to ask for someone's hand in marriage. In this article, we'll look at the countless ways you can ask someone to marry you in the Japanese language.

It doesn’t matter if you are not getting married or are dating. Studying these Japanese wedding phrases is important for your learning. You will learn in this class the variation of phrases that have the same objective. Read, review and study! Just don’t be crazy to ask for the hand of someone who doesn’t know Japanese using the phrases below.

Let’s start by knowing the Japanese ways of proposing someone in marriage, which in Japanese is called: puropoozu (プロポーズ) or kyuukon (求婚). It may sound a little strange to translate into our language, but they are simple and objective phrases. Traditional ways are not so popular, especially if you are a foreigner. Modern Japanese women may find it strange that you try to say something like:

Will you make miso soup for me every day?

  • 僕にお味噌汁を作ってくれない?
  • Boku ni omisoshiru o tsukutte kurenai?

In the past, Japanese marriage proposals were very indirect and outdated. Some even proclaimed eternal love in death, suggesting they stay in the same tomb. Nowadays women expect a much more direct and objective proposal of marriage.

How to propose to someone in Japanese

What you need to know before proposing

Nowadays, men prefer to ask someone for their hand in marriage through fireworks festivals or some important event and dinner. There are no more rules involving the marriage proposal in Japan, do it the way you want.

In Japan, you must ask parental permission before marrying their daughter. Before asking for the girl’s hand, have at least met her parents. If the girl introduces the family, it means she is almost ready to accept a marriage proposal.

We recommend meeting the parents and having a good friendship with them. Some parents can be toughheaded, but don’t give up and remember to speak to them in Japanese. Be aware that there is also an engagement ceremony, called yuinou (結納).

How to propose to someone in Japanese

Top ways to ask someone to marry you

I will propose to you.

  • 彼女にプロポーズするんだ。
  • Kanojo ni puropoozu surunda;

Will you marry me?

  • 結婚してくれませんか。
  • Kekkon shite kuremasenka;

I want to marry her.

  • 彼女と結婚したい。
  • Kanojo to kekkonshitai;

Will you marry me?

  • 俺と結婚してくれ
  • boku to kekkon shite kure

Here you use one of the ways to say me. You can use the other ways like watashi, but be careful when using prayer. Boku is a more humble way to propose.How to propose to someone in Japanese

In some situations, it may be necessary to get to the point. Some people don't care so much about the marriage proposal and are already waiting in time for you to ask for her hand. You don't need to say anything but let's get married? Taking the person by surprise can be dangerous, so be careful not to get no.

Let's get married.

    • 結婚しよう(か)
    • kekkon shiyou (ka)

You can ask the question directly without using the particle か, in which case you will be suggesting the marriage. This is the most direct and informal way to ask someone to marry you in the Japanese language. Use wisely!

Shall we join?

  • 一緒になろう
  • isshou ni narrated

Despite being a direct phrase, the person may not understand the expression isshou which literally means being together.

How to propose to someone in Japanese

Romantic and indirect proposals

I wonder if you don't want to marry me ...

  • 結婚してくれないかな...
  • kekkon shite kurenai ka na…

Where will we go for our honeymoon?

  • 新婚旅行どこ行?
  • shinkon ryokō doko ikou ka?

Will you create a happy family with me?

  • 僕と幸せな家庭を作りませんか?
  • Boku to shiawasena katei o tsukurimasen ka?

From now on, always be by my side.

  • これからもずっと俺の隣にいてください
  • korekara mo zutto ore no tonari ni ite kudasai

I want to do today, our wedding anniversary.

  • 今日を二人の結婚記念日にしたい
  • kyou o futari no kekkon kinenbi ni shitai

I want you to use this inkan from now on.

  • この印鑑をこれから使ってほしい
  • Kono inkan o korekara tsukatte hoshii

The inkan are seals / stamps used as a signature, bearing the family surname.

Tell me the size of your finger. The left ring finger.

  • 指輪のサイズ教えて?左手薬指の
  • yubiwa no saizu oshiete? Hidarite kusuriyubi

When should we have our wedding ceremony?

  • 結婚式はいつにしようか?
  • Kekkonshiki wa itsu ni shiyouka?

These were some of the ways to propose to someone in Japanese. Do you know other ways? When asking the girl, which one did you use? We want to hear your comments and have your happy sharing on social networks. Thank you! To complement, let's leave some articles related to dating and marriage below:

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