30 Sites to Learn Japanese for Free

Our website along with thousands of blogs and websites on the internet has helped people to study and learn the Japanese language. Nowadays anyone can learn nihongo by studying at home.

But it's hard to find the best content on the vast internet. In this article we separate 30 sites that will help you study the Japanese language in the best way possible.

Before starting, we recommend reading the following articles to help you study and learn the language:

Sites in English to learn Japanese

Suki Desu – Nothing better than starting by talking about our website, here we write several articles about the Japanese language, we like to go deep into the origins of words, synonyms and secrets. We recommend accessing our Study Guide.

NHK — Official site of Japanese radio NHK that offers a free course that follows the daily life of a Japanese with audio, explanations, exercises and much more.

Erin's Challenge One of the best and most complete site to learn Japanese through a course where the user follows videos, does exercises, trains reading and vocabulary in an interactive and easy way. A site where you can learn Japanese by playing.

Ganbarouze — A complete and indispensable site that delves into the details of Japanese grammar. A complete course that teaches things that no other site in English teaches.

Wiki —  A great source of information on grammar, vocabulary, verbs and adjectives. (website in English here.)

30 free websites to learn Japanese

Social sites to learn Japanese

Preply.com — Preply is an educational platform that connects teachers and students to learn any language or subject. Through a simple and user-friendly interface, the student can locate the teacher of their choice, taking into account the price of the class hour, the assessment, and the country of origin – essential for learning a language with native speakers. You can also watch teacher introduction videos and view their schedule.

Eunterpals.net — Social network where you find people interested in learning and teaching a language.

Busuu.com — online community for foreign language learners. Each member is both a teacher and a student, helping others to learn their mother tongue.

Livemocha.com — Livemocha is a kind of social network for languages. Basically the site is a community for language learners, in addition to offering online courses.

LingQ.com — LingQ is one of the best sites not only to learn Japanese, but also to learn many other languages. You can select the language of your work area and the language you are studying. The site includes a library of hundreds of texts, all with mp3 audio, a vocabulary learning system and online tutored classes.

Italki — A site where you can teach and learn from a native. You enroll your students on a list, schedule an appointment, and contact them at the scheduled time.

Mylanguageexchange — social network where you can choose an ideal partner to learn the language: you indicate your mother tongue, the country and approximate age of the partner you want to meet.

30 free websites to learn Japanese

English websites to learn Japanese

Alljapaneseallthetime — A super famous site by author Katzumoto who learned Japanese in 18 months and documented everything on his web site. If you know English this site is a must.

Guidetojapanese  Complete and free guide to Japanese grammar written by Tae Kim.

Kanji.koohii This site offers a super fast and practical way to learn kanji based on the book What is Remembering the Kanji. The site also has a community where most questions are resolved.

Japanese-lesson Complete website that offers a lot of content and resources to help you learn and memorize the Japanese language.

Nihongoichiban Complete site with a lot of content about the Japanese language.

Tofugu — Beautiful site that covers not only the Japanese language but also Japan and its culture.

Japanese-online.com This site offers online Japanese lessons, with basics of Japanese sentences and their pronunciations.

Mylanguages.org The site offers numerous resources like vocabulary, grammar, videos, lessons, dictionary, pronunciation (audio) and etc.

Punipunijapan The site teaches Japanese in a complete way with children's style videos.

Japanese Level Up — Website in English, in the style of AJATT (by Khatzumoto), but which also created its own "methodology" for studying Japanese.

Nihongo Shark — Nico is another Japanese "guru", one of those who "hacked" the language. He shared his sentence and kanji decks on Anki, they are really good!

30 free websites to learn Japanese

The article is still halfway through, but we recommend also reading:

Japanese Tools and Dictionaries

unmodified — The best online Japanese dictionary, the site is in English but has meanings in English. Here you can find all the details about Kanji, Vocabulary Words, Sentences and Phrases and much more.

Japaneseverbconjugator — A site where you can find conjugation of various Japanese verbs.

Similarity — Site for you to find similar kanji.

Ba Ba dum — A small game where you have to answer the meaning of the word by choosing the correct picture.

Easyjapanese — This site provides useful tools for people who want to learn Japanese, such as games, flashcards, quizzes, etc.

Tangorin.Com A dictionary in the same format as Jisho, but you can save the vocabulary (and sentences) studied and export it directly to Anki.

Tatoeba — One of my favorites. It is a “dictionary of phrases”, or rather a collection of phrases and translations. It is available not only in English and Japanese but in most languages, full of audio phrases and pronunciations.

30 free websites to learn Japanese
Website Jisho.org

Newsletter Sites to Learn Japanese

Ricardo Cruz Nihongo – By signing up for Ricardo Cruz's waiting list, you receive emails with free weekly classes, access to a downloadable book and some exclusive content. It also offers a full paid course.

Nihongo Kakumei Club – A subscription service, a complete monthly online Japanese course taught by Monica Velozo graduated in letters at UFRJ and specialized in different services in Japan, JICA and Jornal Japonês.

Yamada Tarou – A very unusual sensei who teaches Japanese in a different way.

classesdejapones.com.br — Perfect website with simple and complete quality articles. Sensei Luiz Rafael and his team have written quality articles and have helped thousands of people to learn and fall in love with the Japanese language in a simple and fast way.

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