Meaning of Sugoi Dekai e Mega Milk


Have you ever wondered what Sugoi Dekai means in Uzaki-chan's shirt? What does this expression so present in anime mean? In this article we will try to unravel its real meaning of Sugoi Dekai and its possible origin Mega Milk.

What does Sugoi Dekai Mean?


So you were repairing my breasts during the anime?

Sugoi Dekai is a Japanese expression that is often translated into English as “I'm big!"Or"so big!" in Portuguese. She is present on the Character Usaki-chan shirt referring to her huge breasts.

I personally don't like to translate the expression Sugoi Dekai that way, there are more interesting facts in the expression. Sugoi [凄い] can be translated as vast, intensely, very large, incredible, surprising and wonderful.

Already dekai [でかい] can be translated as huge; big and gigantic. That is, Sugoi Dekai can express the idea of something extremely giant, intensely large, surprisingly huge and things like that.

and is sometimes used to mean “great!” The phrase came to be associated with Uzaki Hana from Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out !, a short character with large breasts who wears the shirt, which makes the shirt combined with other big-breasted anime characters similar to Mega Milk.

After the launch of the anime, there was an influx of artists drawing characters with Uzaki's characteristic shirt, similar to the Mega Milk meme; sometimes placing them next to a character with small breasts for contrast. 

Meaning of sugoi dekai e mega milk

About Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!


My name is Hana Uzaki, I am 150 cm tall, with silver hair and a 96 cm bust. I am energetic, confident, cheerful and playful… I love to irritate and embarrass my Senpai, Shinichi.

The anime Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! which literally means Uzaki-chan wants to play (in English to go out to enjoy) tells the story of a 19 year old girl who likes to watch her friend while strolling through the city.

The Uzaki-chan manga debuted on Niconico in December 2017 and began serializing on July 9, 2018. An anime adaptation was released in February 2020 by the ENGI studios.

After the anime's release, some found the character design inappropriate and made new designs to make her look older, thus generating a wave of varied memes from characters with Sugoi Dekai writing.

The anime generated a lot of debate because of childlike appearance of the character, who seems to be 14 but is actually 19 years old. I personally found the features normal, I don't think the character looks like any loli.

Meaning of sugoi dekai e mega milk

The origin of Mega Milk and Titty Monster?

It is very likely that the inspiration for Usaki-chan's shirt came from a doujin manga adult called Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History that tells the story of two brothers fighting and then making out.

Meaning of sugoi dekai e mega milk - 39611

I can already see you looking for this manga on the internet ...

After an image of a page in this manga was reworked in a colorful way and posted on the 4chan forums in 2008, the great meme called Mega Milk and Titty Monster appeared, which possibly gave rise to the Sugoi Dekai shirt.

The meme usually shows an image of a woman holding her own large cleavage with a crazed expression on ahegao face, while wearing a shirt that says “Mega Milk”.

The similarities between Uzaki-chan's shirt and MegaMilk's are so many that even the color is blue and white.

Meaning of sugoi dekai e mega milk

Where to buy Sugoi Dekai Shirt and Mega Milk?

Finally, we will leave some shirts and products related to Sugoi Dekai and Mega Milk, unfortunately some are not available in Brazil, only in Amazon Gringa and Japan (except Sketchbook).

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