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Looking for a cheap and complete Japanese course? In this article, we will present the Nihongo Kakumei Club from Monica Velozo, an online course from basic to advanced that works through cheap monthly or annual subscriptions.

The Nihongo Kakumei Club consists of a group of students in a members area that has access to weekly Japanese classes, in addition to an exclusive group on Facebook, where we have special lives about productivity in studies.

Club goal nihongo kakumei

The club's focus is to teach the most “thorny” grammatical points of the Japanese language at all levels, from the most beginner to the most advanced. Every week new classes are posted online according to the schedule, so you will always have a new class available to view.

The study topics are addressed and separated by levels. In case you don't already know, the Japanese language is usually divided into 5 levels of difficulty, called N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5. Since N1 is the most difficult level and N5 is the easiest.

In classes you will be able to see explanations of various structures and phrases in Japanese in an uncomplicated way, comparing similar structures.

You will understand exactly how to say certain things, how to ask someone out, complain about something, etc. The classes also feature exercises for you to practice what you have learned.

In addition to the weekly classes, those who are part of the Nihongo Kakumei Club receive Special Courses free of charge. A course focused on Japanese Particles, Japanese for Travel, Japanese for Business and Reading and Kanji.

We have the classes recorded with explanations and some live classes through our closed group on facebook, where you can also post your questions. It is a super complete course for those who really want to learn Japanese.

At a normal pace of study, you can learn all the necessary grammar in 4 years. But fluency will depend on how much you practice. Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of the Nihongo Kakumei Club!

Club nihongo kakumei - online japanese course
Gates Torii in Japan

About the Author Monica Velozo

This course is conducted by Monica Velozo from the website I speak japanese (do not confuse with speak Japanese Sarah). I had the opportunity to talk to her and she appears to be a very nice person.

The love for Japan and the Japanese language has brought Monica Velozo many excellent work opportunities. In addition, it helped her to meet people who taught valuable life lessons.

Monica Veloso completed her studies in English-Japanese letters at UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) in 2020. In 2011 she was a representative at the Japan Foundation Studies Center in Saitama, Japan, in the Japanese Language and Culture Teaching Improvement Course .

In 2012 she started to act as a translator and interpreter of Japanese and English. Initially she worked as a translator at Primacy Translations. In 2013 he started working at the Nissan factory in Resende, where he spent 1 year working as a resident interpreter. Interpreting meetings and training, helping communication between team members.

Between 2014 and 2015, she provided interpretation services for JICA projects with the Brazilian Government. In 2016 he worked for the Japanese newspaper Asahi, present in Brazil due to the Olympics. Now she works with the project itself Nihongo Kakumei!

Monica studied at Brasillis and always showed great competence as a translator and even more specialized in Japanese in Tokyo, this being her father language, she always had great enthusiasm and especially effort always showing great professionalism! - Henaly Tinoco

Clube nihongo kakumei - monica velozo online japanese course
Course author Monica Velozo

Advantages of the Nihongo Kakumei Club

As always, you get a 30-day unconditional warranty on the platform. online courses Hotmart. This means that if you enter the club and then realize that this is not what you wanted, you can ask for your money back.

That's because I don't want anyone to be sorry to have joined the club. I want the Nihongo Kakumei Club to remain a space for dedicated people who share the dream of learning to speak Japanese.❤️

Knowing how to speak Japanese can open many doors in your future. So don't delay your investment in what really matters! The good thing is that the platform offers monthly or annual options, allowing you to enjoy the course without pressure.

The Clube NK course will be delivered 100% online. This content can be accessed through a computer, cell phone, tablet or other digital device. Whoever buys a digital product receives a link by email with all the data for access.

Club nihongo kakumei - online japanese course
An example of Nihongo Kakumei Club Designer

What are the alternatives to the Nihongo Kakumei Club?

The main advantage of Clube Nihongo Kakumei is the fact that it is cheap and has weekly updated content. If the person wants something more complete, they may have to invest in a more robust paid course like the Japanese Online Program.

If the person is looking for another cheap alternative to the Nihongo Kakumei Club that teaches the basics of Japanese, there is a Kenji Sensei which has a single payment and perpetual access. Its advantage is that it uses anime to teach the language.

There are many alternatives to online Japanese courses that you can read on our list of online Japanese courses. Regardless of whether the course is expensive or cheap, we want the reader to be satisfied and to make the best investment within their budget.

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