Unraveling Japanese Language - New Edition

The basic Japanese learning book that we have made available for free for download “Unraveling the Japanese Language” has just been reworked and is in its new edition.

The book was made by our friend, author, partner Luiz Rafael from the website japanese classes with the aim of helping people to delve into the Japanese language in an enjoyable way.

The way the book is written is different from any other Japanese textbook or book, this book goes straight to the point, explaining in a simple and detailed way important points of the Japanese language.

The book helps you see how simple and easy the Japanese language can be, explaining step-by-step writing, reading, grammar, particles, and more. Rich and complete content in just a 113-page digital book that can be accessed from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

The book is made available to those who register on our website or Sensei Luiz Rafael. You can do it now, clicking here or in the book below:


If you also like our page on Facebook, you will receive all the details about the new downloads we provide. Unfortunately we cannot make unofficial downloads available on our website, we are against piracy. We have every right to share this book with you!

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