Kanchō - Japanese game of poking anus

Kanchō (カンチョー) is a game played by putting your hands together in the form of an imaginary weapon and trying to poke the victim’s anus, often while exclaiming “Kan-CHO!“.

It is a common game among children in East Asian countries, such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan. In Korea it is called ttongchim (똥침) and in Taiwan, it is popularly called Qiānnián shā (千年殺), derived from the full name of the skill “Secret finger jutsu from Folha village: A thousand years of death” (木の葉隠れ秘伝体術奥義: 千年殺し; Konohakagure hiden taijutsu ōgi: Sennen Goroshi).

This term derives from the popular Naruto franchise, where Kakashi Hatake uses a version of the joke about the eponymous protagonist during his ninja training.

Kanchō - Japanese prick anus game

The word is a slang adoption of the Japanese word for enema (浣腸; kanchō). According to widespread practice, the word is usually written in katakana when used in its slang sense and in kanji when used in the medical sense.

What is the purpose of Kanchō, after all?

Kancho should not be considered vulgar, in fact, it is rarely used in an antagonistic way, but rather as a kind of affection, similar to the athletes that hit each other’s asses. Men and women, children and adults make and receive kancho.

Kanchō - Japanese prick anus game

Some brave and shameless men kancho women and even lift their skirts for this act. Foreign teachers in Japan are often targeted by Kancho. This is partly due to his celebrity status in schools, as many children want to be the one who did Kancho in the teacher.

Why on earth do the Japanese do this? The short answer: because it is funny. When asked why they do Kancho, the Japanese often give answers, such as: communication, kinship, they always did that and their ass was being a good target. Bobeou? Took it.

Kanchō - Japanese prick anus game - banner

If you want to avoid taking a kancho, especially if you study at a Japanese school full of children, we recommend wearing baggy clothes and always stay alert with your back to the wall avoiding contact with these cute kids.

Below is a compilation of our channel with some examples from Kancho:

Where did Kanchō come from?

The kancho probably came from something called 三年殺し [san nen goroshi] (lit: three-year murder). Some say the meaning is that this super-secret movement will kill the opponent in three years, or the pain inflicted by this technique will last for three years.

Similar to kancho, you use your extended fingers, but you also use your middle fingers as well. Instead of focusing on the anus, the point of the movement is to attack the area between your genitals and your anus, temporarily incapacitating your opponent.

Kanchō - Japanese prick anus game

Kancho is growing not only in Asia but worldwide. It’s not just children but research shows that about 50% of Japanese adults do kancho every now and then. There are even TV shows and games that address kancho.

There is even an official website that talks about Kancho that can be accessed here: https://www.kancho.org/

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