The most bizarre Games created in Japan

⭐ We all know that Japan is a unique country, and full of oddities. So in this article we will see the pearls that the Japanese created for the fun of gamers. The most bizarre games created in Japan !!!

1. Hatoful Boyfriend

Japan is famous for its Visual Novel games, where you bond and date characters. Games full of texts and conversations can already be a little strange for Westerners.

And what about a game of this genre where the objective is to relate to Pigeons? Live a school life and have encounters with various pigeons in this great Japanese game.

2. Oh My! - Muscle March (Wii)

A game full of Muscles, Muscles and more Muscles. The game's story is about a thief who stole Whey Protein from marombas and the objective is to run after him while the player has to imitate the movements that bodybuilders are doing to get into the hole in the wall that is made by them in each session of the game. .

Players can choose from several archetypes of bodybuilders, including an American boxer, a weightlifter with an afro and a rubber ducky on top, a Norwegian polar bear, and a host of other characters we see in everyday life at a gym. Too normal!!! I'm even going to download it for my WII now.

3. Japan World Cup 3(PC)

We have an Abominable Snowman, a horse running upright with its hooves, a Trojan horse, and another horse being ridden by two women who are fighting each other while this same horse starts to stretch further and further. These components are competing in this race to find out who is the best.

The most bizarre games created in japan

4.The Houchi Play

A very simple game. You take on the role of a perverted middle-aged man and try to approach the young maid. The only real strategy is to avoid being seen by victims and earn beer power-ups to make you go faster.

5. School Days

(If you're still going to play or watch the Anime, don't read the text below, it has spoilers.)

A common and simple visual novel of relationships. However, with it you will see the reality. In this game you have a relationship with 2 girls, and according to your choices this can lead to several different deaths.

It is worth remembering that an anime was also released, which scared everyone who watched without knowing the tragic end that awaits them.

Betrayal, infidelity and divorce in Japanese marriage

6. Boong-Ga-Ga Boong

This game simulates Kancho, a popular game in Japan, where the victim takes two fingers into the anus of a distracted person.

Read too: Kanchō - Japanese game of poking anus

The most bizarre games created in japan

7. Incredible Crisis

It's Haruko's grandmother's birthday and four of her family members forgot the date. They each race to get a gift while having a bizarre adventure in Incredible Crisis.

The game focuses on one family member at a time. The player must guide them through their day, which starts out relatively normal but soon becomes an incredible crisis. Incredible Crisis brought daily disaster to the PC and Playstation console in 1999.

The game begins with the father dodging a giant boulder that invades the office building, his mother witnessing a bank robbery, son escaping radioactive creatures in the park, and daughter fighting a UFO.

These were some of the most bizarre games the Japanese invented.

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