The most bizarre Japanese Game Shows

It’s not just the japanese commercials. Lately some Japanese Game Shows have been playing games, competitions and games absurdly bizarre, perverted and dangerous. In this article, we have selected some of these Game Shows to share with you. 

Often these games take place in incredibly embarrassing and brutal scenarios that detonate the concept of scavenger hunts and challenges that appear on Brazilian TV. If you had any doubts that Japanese are strange and bizarre, they will be remedied in this article.

Perverted Japanese TV Games

Strip the Girl - In this game male contestants need to do a series of challenging and embarrassing tasks to be able to see a nude model.

Butt Game - A man and a woman put their ass on a wall that has only 2 holes. The goal of the players is to find out which butt belongs to a girl. They need to lick and do everything to find out.

Dress Pants - The challenge is that a girl who has her pants down needs to go up her pants again without using her hands, since they are busy holding her breasts.

Japanese game shows

Karaoke Masturbation - The Name says it all, the player needs to sing a song in Karaoke while being masturbated by a girl.

Glass horse - Two men are trapped inside a glass container while a girl climbs on top and rides.

Wake up the girls - In this challenge it is necessary to wake up a girl in the most graceful or warm way possible. If the judges are not pleased they will give you a pie in the face.

Face to face - It doesn't just happen in anime, in this challenge the player needs to slide and fall face down on a girl's chest (with Bikini).

Dangerous Games and Challenges

Bear Attack - In a TV show full of challenges, a person is placed inside a metal box and is attacked by ferocious animals like a giant bear.

DERO! DERO! - In this game, competitors need to solve puzzles and answer questions during extreme pressure. Some need to resolve the challenge before they are drowned or fall into a bottomless hole.

Spreading legs - Girls are put in one of those machines that spread their legs, if luck is not with them your leg is opened up to the limit. A great stretch…

Japanese game shows

Bizarre Games and Challenges

Mummification (Tore!) - In this game the person must answer 7 questions while being mummified and placed in a coffin.

Inseto no tubo - In this game 2 people put their mouths in a long tube with an insect inside and try to blow the insect into the mouth of the other.

Human Bowling - In this game, the contestants need to descend a slide on top of a buoy and knock down the giant bowling pins.

Japanese game shows

Is it sweet or not - Players need to eat ordinary-looking objects, some are candies and chocolates while others are really normal objects. At the Show, some need to try to find out which objects are edible, from shoes to tables and doorknobs.

Human Tetris - Players need to make positions to pass through the holes in the wall that approach on the mat. Positions are increasingly impossible.

Other Games and Challenges

There are always new and short challenges that can be mentioned in a nutshell. Some like:

  • Try to climb stairs full of soap;
  • Put your hand in a box full of snakes, spiders and other things;
  • Run from a giant lizard in the middle of the desert;
  • Spinning top on a field with a hole in the player's butt;
  • We recommend reading a little about the Program Takeshi's Castle.

There are many other bizarre challenges, pranks and game shows in Japan. I hope you enjoyed it, share it with friends and leave your comments. It is worth remembering that some of these game shows do not air on open TV. I'll end by leaving videos with several other Challenges and bizarre games:

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