Japanese Lucky Bamboo – Trivia and Tips

Lucky bamboo or lucky bamboo is very common in Japan. Contrary to what the name says, the plant is not actually a bamboo. It is a member of the lily family, typical of the tropical forests of Southeast Asia and Africa. Your most correct name is Dracaena Sanderiana. These plants are widely used in companies, offices, homes and commercial establishments.

This plant is one of the pieces of the feng shui, and are said to bring luck, prosperity, happiness and fortune. Especially if they are given to a person as a gift. It can also be a decorative indoor plant and can be planted in soil, rocks or water. It is an easy and practical care plant that can survive in different types of light. All the characteristics of this plant, such as small roots, branches and leaves make it a ideal for home. 

Japanese lucky bamboo - facts and tips

Lucky bamboo is usually traced and with branching stems. Others can be long and curl only at the top. Some also grow lucky bamboo in aquariums and others prefer to buy an artificial one. Prices can vary from 20 to 200 USD depending on the size and store.

Lucky bamboo meanings

Much of the luck that is involved with bamboo comes from the number of stalks it has. The number of stalks shows the type of energy that the plant attracts to the house or establishment. They say that the more stems in the arrangement, the greater the blessings and good luck. The explanation of each number of stalks follows.

Japanese lucky bamboo - facts and tips

Some tie the bamboo with a red ribbon that represents fire, endurance and good health in feng shui. Receiving a lucky bamboo as a gift is more powerful than buying or making one.

  • 1 long stalk (Lucky Log): This one promises to bring prosperity and longevity. It is the most chosen and sought after as gifts from companies or new business ventures;
  • 2 stalks: They bring a lot of love and double the luck factor. Usually people offer these as a gift to show and express love and affection;
  • 3 stalks:  The set of 3 stalks should bring you a lot of happiness, and professional career success and a long life. This is the most popular among people as a gift;
  • 4 stalks: This nobody wants, because it symbolizes bad luck;
  • 5 stalks:  Attracts a lot of positive and healthy energy in five areas of life, such as mental, physical, intuitive, emotional and spiritual;
  • 6 stalks: Increase your opportunities to increase your riches;
  • 7 stalks:  It promises to bring positive energy to enable a person to have overall good health;
  • 8 stalks: It should bring positive energy, increasing prosperity and fertility;
  • 9 stalks: This is a symbol of great fortune and luck;
  • 10 stalks: It represents all the good in life. It shows that the person wants to have a happy and perfect life. May everything happen according to what you imagine and desire;
  • 21 stalks: Divine blessings, I wish that the person and her family be covered with great riches and lasting health;
  • Tower: Represent the climb, for ascension in work;

Japanese lucky bamboo - facts and tips

Lucky bamboo can represent the 5 natural elements where the stem of the plant represents wood; the stones mean earth; the vase and a coin inside means metal; the ribbon means fire and we don't even need to talk about water.

Tips for caring for lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo can be grown in water or even land as long as moisture is maintained. Some usually choose glass vases, resistant and decorate with stones, crystals and sand. When choosing the plant, make sure that the stem is white and new, without spots and with green leaves. It is better to buy a ready-made model, because the process of growing a lucky bamboo is complicated.

Japanese lucky bamboo - facts and tips

Some complain that the bamboo stem turns yellow, unfortunately the plant has already been compromised, so we recommend using filtered, chlorine-free water to prevent the bamboo from turning yellow. Change the plant's water every week for fresh, clean water. Bamboo should not be placed in direct sunlight, but it can receive sunlight indirectly. Leave the water to stand for 24 hours to let the chlorine out.

If your bamboo dies it means you are out of luck! What do you think of this ingenious ornament that can bring luck? I hope you enjoyed the article and share it with your friends.

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