Do Japanese students wear short skirts in winter?

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Japanese schoolgirls' uniforms usually attract attention from around the world, especially their short skirts. Some have observed that even in Japan's intense winter, schoolgirls continue to wear their skirts without protecting their legs from the cold. This raises the question that Japanese schoolgirls wear short skirts in winter.

Perhaps some wonder how Japanese schools allow these short skirts to be worn in both summer and winter. It is worth remembering that schools have rules and most students shorten their skirts outside of school. We have already written several articles about Japanese students and we will leave them below:

Some Japanese women claim that the length of the skirt is a fashion statement, a way of expressing their individuality, a form of rebellion. We must remember that most teenagers also want to get boys' attention. Things are not like in the anime that took advantage of the skirts and giant boobs to do fanservice.

Why do Japanese schoolgirls wear short skirts in winter?

Japanese students wear short skirts in winter

When it comes to fashion, Japanese women are willing to stand there shivering in the sub-zero cold. Some Japanese schools don't allow schoolgirls to wear pants, they need to wear socks and their skirts are long enough to protect from the cold (they like to roll up their skirts to make them short).

The vast majority of Japanese students do not adhere to this fashion of wearing short skirts in winter. Most of the time they wear long socks that are very warm and protect them from the cold. Others use thermal pants and products to warm their feet and other parts. They can protect themselves with blazers and other accessories, then take them off when they get to school.

Some schools and public places have heaters which make it easy for schoolgirls to wear short skirts in the winter no matter where they are. Some bring a blanket to put on their legs, as the schools are not well heated. Each school has its rules and each student decides how they want to spend their day at school.

Why do Japanese schoolgirls wear short skirts in winter?

Some actually prefer to spend the whole day talking “samui, samui” than dressing properly. However, we must consider that many Japanese students are prepared for the cold of winter. Just because we see pictures on the “internet” of bare-legged girls rolling around in the snow doesn't mean it's extremely common.

Cold helps you lose weight more than exercise

A study by endocrinologist Paul Lee claims that spending 15 minutes shivering in the cold is as effective as an hour of physical exercise. Maybe this is one of the biggest secrets of Japanese thinness and beauty.

It is believed that when exposed to the cold, fat and muscle communicate through hormones and turn white fat into brown. Thus increasing energy expenditure to generate heat, lose weight and burn calories. The cold is also great for keeping your skin looking young.

These were some of the reasons why Japanese students wear short skirts during winter in Japan. What do you think about it all? Do you approve of the idea? We hope to see your comment and share.

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