Japanese Music: Dir en Grey - Lotus

As you listen to the song over and over again, it's different or even the same song (using to listen until you get sick) our memory makes you remember some parts of the song.

Many prefer to use books, movies, anime, manga among other things to gain knowledge and make it possible to go beyond learning. Music in part calms the person, and through simple means between sound and the brain it is used through social interaction, in communication.

How many words of motivation, reflection or whatever your working concept for human life was taken from one or several lyrics of the song? Well, pretty much every day.

Today we are going to translate a little song. Unlike breaking down music, we're not going to study the entire music, we're going to take just a few important words, and let you do the rest of the work.


  • First: Don't despair if you missed one, two or even several words. Nobody was born knowing everything;
  • Second: Have the objects you need for your studies on hand. And it is worth remembering that before you have to know what you are going to study. Make a workload for life control. We recommend using tools such as jisho to fully understand the words;
  • Third: Dive headlong into learning, focus on you, not people. Remembering that the Japanese Proverb quotes: ''The nail that stands out is hammered'', that is, there will always be those people who will take advantage of the psychological pressure and will make the person who wants to stand out in life go through the struggle. .;

Well, let's go? today the music will be Dir en Gray - Lotus

Dir en grey-lotus lyrics







What is believing?

Music translation

I close my eyes
This place is blue, the toki bird cries
The storm took my heart
Waiting to feel tomorrow along with the image that is now peeling and rotting

Can't erase the tears from memory
Even that sound of darkness
Probably won't heal
Somehow, knowing that ...

Tears came running up again from the memory
Look around
there is probably no one
To live now ... alone

The wound that doesn't erase, isn't it so beautiful?
If the dream withers, will you still love?
It's true, tomorrow won't be all bright
Your weak intention is not a scar
Giving you a reason to look back

Can't erase the tears from memory
Even that sound of darkness
Probably won't heal anymore
Somehow, knowing that ...

the night is ending
Throwing it all away in front of your eyes, you are the moon
You must cry and sleep

One mistake won't change anyone's way of life
Be proud and let the pure white lotus flower
Your strong intentions won't be shaken anymore
Free skies, close your eyes
What is believe?

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:

some important words

  • me (目 or め) = eye
  • manaka (眼 or まなこ) = eye or eyeball;
  • tojiru (閉じる or とじる) = act of closing;
  • koko (ここ) = here;
  • aoi (青い) = blue
  • kokoro (心 or こころ) = heart
  • soko (そこ) o = is there
  • arashi (嵐 or あらし) = for storm
  • asu is the same for ashita (あす or あした) = for tomorrow
  • kuchiru (くちる or 朽ちる) = to rot, deteriorate, decompose, spoil
  • kioku (きおく or 記憶) = memory, remembrance
  • otoshi(おとし) = take down;
  • namida(なみだ or 涙) = tear
  • mawari (まわり or 周り) = the surroundings, around;
  • watasu (わたす or 渡す) = to deliver
  • kono (この) = this one or this one;
  • kesenai (消せない) = indelible (act of being durable)
  • yami (やみ or 闇) = darkness or darkness
  • ima (いま or 今) = now
  • hitori (一人 or ひとり) = alone
  • furikaeru (振り返る or ふりかえる) = look back, turn head;
  • kizu (きず or 傷) = wound, scar
  • kirei (きれい or 綺麗) = pretty, beautiful
  • tashika ni (たしかに) = it's true
  • yume (ゆめ or 夢) = dream
  • suteta (すてた) = throwing (away) logo: suteru is throwing (away)
  • ayamachi (あやまち or 過ち) = for indiscretion or error
  • kedakai (けだかい or 気高い) = noble, exultant;
  • hasu (はす or 蓮) nelumbo nucifera
  • ishi (いし or 意思) = intentions or purpose
  • jiyuu (じゆう or 自由) = freedom, free;

Article written by Leo Sadao! 

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