Tips for becoming a mangaka - Practice or Gift? Editors and Inspiration


Many people think that it all comes down to a natural gift, vocation or talent, but what if it isn't?

It is very common in anime to see pretty dumb characters become a perfect and indispensable protagonist, why? Why did he just try hard, with the help of his friends.

So, there is no such thing as a gift or natural talent! There are simply people who find it easier to do something, either through the encouragement of others, because they are always close to it or because they are always persisting.

The most important thing for a mangaka it is always insisting on something. So, it is a fact that talent wins the gift!


Does Talent beat the Dom?

You must be wondering why “talent wins the gift”, since I said that there are no such things as “Gift”. Yes, I did. However, it is a fact that there are also people who do something very well even if it is their first time.

This person will evolve and evolve, but at some point he will doubt his abilities. This is because, she knows that deep down, she did nothing to deserve that.

Of course, having this skill would be incredible, right? If everyone had this skill, no one would be reading this post, but that is not the case. So, you should be sure that effort is everything at this point, am I right?

Dicas para se tornar um mangaká – prática ou dom? Editores e inspiração - manga balao

Dedication and persistence

If you are Brazilian and dream of having a manga in Japan, you will go through several ups and downs. But as I said in the previous post, if you have chances, go for it!


They will in no way accept anyone who does not know Japanese. We recommend that you take a look at our Japanese language area.

They will evaluate your history and art, if you are not accepted, the way will be to improve your art and history, or go in search of another publisher that accepts you.

Another thing, housing, we already said that it is possible to live in Japan without being a descendant, so this makes things easier.

You have seen that there are several difficulties, right? But you still won't give up? So you are not alone on this journey!

A mangaka must be sure that his life will be in second place. Some, sleep less than 4 ~ 5 hours a day, seems too little? This is the routine of a mangaka, having to meet deadlines and having to deal with publishers.


In addition to meeting deadlines, they must pass through the hands of the editors. Publishers? Yes, publishers. Suppose you have done an entire chapter of a manga, and then, one day a week, the editor will read and evaluate the pages made. What's next? It will send you to make corrections in the story, aiming at the profit for the publisher, so the more attractive it is for the publisher, the better.


Each magazine has its weekly and monthly ranking, so some manga that are in danger of being cut will be supported by the editor. To try to get it back to a safe level, and if it doesn't, the manga will be cut!

Dicas para se tornar um mangaká – prática ou dom? Editores e inspiração - manga editor

It looks hard, doesn't it? But this is how this manga world works. Some mangakás are lucky to have “kind” editors, since others take editors a little bit as “grumpy”. Finally, always keep your dedication and persistence!

Don't let them shake you by talking about gifts or things like that. I myself had a big change myself after trying a little, why can't you?

Inspiration? Mangaká Yuu Kamiya, a Brazilian!

Lucas Thiago Furukawa or his pseudonym as Yuu Kamiya, one of the first Brazilian manga artists to be successful in Japan, he was the creator of the light novel No game No life. Yuu lived in Brazil until he was 7 years old, and from an early age liked to draw, when he arrived in Japan he barely knew the language, but he was a boy who liked video games, manga, anime and more, that's how he learned the language, and every day he improved his techniques and knowledge .


Yuu Kamiya only gained strength as a mangaka when he did a job as an illustrator for the work “Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi”, this was the crucial point for his career, and after this work, he started with his own authorship, with great successes like, EArTh, No Game No Life, Greed Packet Unlimited.


Yuu is not only a mangaka, but a famous author and illustrator of light novel. Yuu is now respected, and it was with a lot of effort and dedication that he managed to get where he is, so don't give up on your dreams, be it difficult or easy.

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