Tips for becoming a mangaka - Sketching

It is not easy to be a mangaka, mainly there in Japan. Well think about it, if there are thousands of designers in Japan, why would they hire a foreigner soon?

Have you thought well? So, you must have imagined that becoming a mangaka really seems like an impossible task, right?

Even if the chances are slim, you still have a chance, so be sure to go all the way!

Anyway, what will provide you with a place in the area?


You don't even need to know how to create stories, because there are many authors giving soup out there.

The biggest differential from one mangaka to another is your interests. In other words, one mangá makes his drawings out of pure taste, love and dedication, while another draws simply because he wants to have an income and also because he wants to earn "merits".

Of course, the author who does things on merit also has great qualifications. But one day, he will lose his taste for drawing and will often stop and hate his drawings.

So, prefer to have love and dedication for art, as it will provide you with much more!


Today we will present 2 important topics:

  1. Sketchbook
  2. Sketch

Sketchbook is not necessary, but it will help you a lot on this journey.

What is a Sketchbook?

Sketchbook it is simply a notebook for your daily doodles and sketches.

In it you can train various techniques, create projects, write ideas and more.

You can also call it a study book, as you will evolve through it.

In it there is no need to make a perfect drawing, in it you will pass only the main concept of your drawing. Of course it can be used as a notebook for finished and finished arts, but it goes from each one. For people just starting out, it is essential that the sketchbook is used as a sketchbook, as you can quickly evolve with it.


Sketchbook__sketching_samurai_by_mycks-d8d35ueIn the sketchbook, it is possible and even recommended that it be written in it, especially people who create stories. Sometimes you have an incredible idea and you can't put it into practice, so just write it down that will give you even more inspiration.

The sketchbook for many is like a precise sketchbook, which must be preserved and taken care of even after it is already full.

It is important to note that the sketchbook will become your soul, where you will put your thoughts, feelings, and more.

You can find sketchbooks in various stationery stores and online.

The price varies between R10.00 and R$150.00, of course it depends on the material and brand. Do not forget that it is possible to make a sketchbook in a simple and quick way, there are several internet tutorials out there.

What is it and how to make a sketch the right way?

First you need to train geometric shapes, in the sketches, geometric figures are everything!

Sketching is basically getting your idea to paper simply and quickly. In other words, you were on your way to work, on a bus, and suddenly a very interesting idea comes up, so what? What to do?

We will use the Sketch. Suppose you have thought of a plane, you’ve even had the designer finished in your mind, but you don’t have time or you’ll forget it later.


So always leave a sketchbook and a pencil in your bag, because you can always sketch quickly and easily.

A sketch is made using geometric shapes as already said. In the case of the Airplane, it would be necessary to use rectangles, squares, triangles and others.

P51b_3vAs you can see in the image above, several geometric shapes are used. Remember that the sketch is a quick and simple drawing.

This is probably the finished art of the drawing, but think that you only made the wings and the body of the plane, will this already give you the idea of the right drawing?


It is necessary to train sketches making quick drawings, so that you can do something satisfactory in a short time.

And please, do not confuse this sketch with the sketch that is used in fashions.

This is our goal with the sketch.

We will not show you step-by-step tutorials. We will only pass on the basic concept and concretely so that you can take the first step to become a complete artist!


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