How can Japan make your life easier?


Japan is a country that does everything to make life easier and better. Everything in Japan is so simple, fast and practical, which is why many are attracted to the country and its culture. In this article, we will see, some things that have made life easier for those who live in Japan.

Konbini - Convenience Stores

We have already written about the famous Japanese convenience stores called konibini. They are small and sophisticated stores that offer a wide range of services. A konbini is found on almost every corner, and thanks to this small shop, our lives are made much easier.

In konbini you can find almost everything. No matter what, if it is raining on the konbini you will find umbrellas. If the konbini is close to the beach, you will find beach balls. Limited edition products are found only in konbini. If you are going to have a big party, there are plenty of drinks to choose from. In addition, konbini offer facilities, lunchboxes, paying bills, withdrawing money, selling tickets, presentations, resting place, bathroom and much more. In addition, konbini are open 24/7.


Hanbaiki - Automatic machines

Automatic machines in Japan can even scare you. There are thousands of machines spread across the country, in deserted places, in front of markets, machines together, separate and that sell everything. It is possible to buy drinks, cigarettes, snacks, ice cream, sweets, rice, bananas, electronics and even panties. Hot and cold drinks are served in the same machine, some even make coffee on the spot. We wrote an article about hanbaiki that can be read clicking here.


Train - Metro

In Japan you don't have to worry about having cars. Trains run across the country, in a practical, fast and safe way. In Japan there is no need to worry about waiting hours late, the punctuality and ease of trains are incredible. The train is Japan's main form of transportation and makes life easier for all Japanese people. Thanks to this, the car is not a necessary item in a Japanese home. If the train station is far from your home, a bicycle is enough to get to the station, and leave it parked in the greatest tranquility, in a designated place.


Economy - Cost of living

Japan's economy is full of controversies, for some taxes are high, wages are insufficient, and service conditions are poor. But that doesn't change the fact that Japan's economy makes life easier. Despite people finding the high cost of living in Japan, with salary it is possible to buy several facilities that would take almost a year of work to buy in Brazil. Electronics and various things that are industrialized, have a very humble and affordable price.

In reality the prices of things do not change that much, but the salary is much higher compared to the small Brazilian minimum wage. Not only electronic and industrialized products, but even in food it is possible to save and spend less than in Brazil. If you are complaining about paying 50,000 yen for an apartment, know that in Brazil, rentals are more expensive than the minimum wage.

How can japan make your life easier?

Japanese Education

Sometimes people act in the wrong way, with lack of education thinking about their own benefit. But in Japan almost everything is done with the benefit of the other. In traffic, in commerce, on a daily basis, most Japanese people do their best to facilitate the lives of others, being polite and humble.

In Japan their life is made easier with education, because most do not skip the line, do not steal, do not arrive late, try to help, try not to disturb others with noises and irritating sounds. Japanese people even wear masks when they are sick, thinking about the health of others. They also respect your lifestyle, dress, privacy, etc.

How can japan make your life easier?


The houses and apartments in Japan are made with the intention of making our lives easier. Most of them have a hot tub (bathtub), the bathrooms are high-techthe houses have hot and cold water taps, air conditioning or heating. Although small, it has numerous features that make our lives easier. Even the objects and furniture we buy for our home make our lives easier, like countless crazy inventions and the darling kotatsu.



Japan uses all its technology to transform the country into something beautiful and practical. In addition to the aforementioned trains, hanbaiki and convenience stores, Japan has done more. There are more than 173 airports in small Japan, another way to get around. Japan's highways are always in perfect condition, with signs and people who obey them.

The country's education is taken seriously. People like to read and study, and most choose to have a higher education. Health in Japan, although paid, has a high speed, making everything easier. Hospitals do everything to make our lives easier.

Japan's environment is full of technology that makes our life easier, while at the same time it has a natural air, colorful and beautiful trees, thousands of gardens, mountains, temples, parks, lakes, volcanoes, hot springs and thousands of things that makes life of easy people.

There are thousands of things that make your life easier. Is that you? Have you let your life be made easier?