Bathroom in Japan - The Superiority of the Japanese Toilet

It is not just Japanese language and culture that differs from other countries. There are thousands of everyday elements that are absurdly different in Japan. Today we are going to look at something quite interesting, the toilet and bathroom in Japan.

There are thousands of curiosities and differences between a western toilet and a Japanese toilet. To start, the toilet and bathing place are separate, you will rarely find a toilet along with a shower and hot tub.

And who never dreamed of having a bathtub at home? Luxury item, only the rich have it. In Japan bathtub is so common, you will hardly find a home without a hot tub. That’s because we didn’t even talk about toilets.

Bathroom in japan - the superiority of the japanese toilet

The Japanese toilet

75% of houses in Japan has an electronic vessel. They are designed to increase comfort, privacy and cleanliness. They cost between 500$ to 5.000$, it is not expensive if you compare these simple Brazilian vases with nothing.

Japanese pots also have 2 powerful jets, one of which is used to clean your butt, the other called Bidet it serves to clean the front of women. It is possible to control the speed of the jet, the force of the water.

Almost every home in Japan is possible to change the water temperature, even in the toilets, and of course, in the hot tub (bathtub). It's not just the water, even the toilet seats heat up.

Bathroom in japan - the superiority of the japanese toilet

The toilets also usually have their own Deodorizer to purify the air. Some bathrooms also have the Noisemaker that creates noise or music so you can shit in peace, and have your privacy. They also do their automatic cleaning.

The toilets also usually open and close the seat alone, those that do not, when closing the lid it goes down slowly and pleasantly without hitting and making noise.

Toilets often have a timer that is used to save energy. For example, you can set your seat to be nice and warm in the morning, and cool while you are at work. Some also have a button capable of washing your toilet bowl automatically.

Bathroom in japan - the superiority of the japanese toilet

Some also install panels and remote controls to control the temperature of the bathtub and toilet in any room in the house.

There are some special toilets used by doctors that are even connected to the internet to collect information ... It is also worth remembering that toilet papers are thrown into the toilet, there are no trash cans in the bathrooms in Japan.

The baths carried out in the hot tub involves an ancient culture, for that there is a small removable shower that replaces the shower that we are used to. It can be placed at different heights and can be used by hand.

Bathroom in japan - the superiority of the japanese toilet

How to Use the Electronic Bathroom in Japan

Using the bathroom in Japan seems to be a difficult task, to help tourists and the curious we will learn some tips for you to use the bathroom in Japan safely. It is worth remembering that not all bathrooms are the same and are not always electronic.

Some toilets have the controller next to the seat and in some public bathrooms they are on the wall nearby. Most toilets have the function of throwing a jet of water to wash the private parts, with the buttons you can control the water temperature and the power of it.

Some toilets have options to play an ambient sound effect or discharge to disguise the noise ...

The first thing you should do when finding a bathroom is to use it (obviously). Then you must decide if you want to use the traditional toilet paper or the water jet, although it is scary it is quiet.

Some bathrooms also have the option to dry after using the jet, otherwise just use the toilet paper and throw it in the bowl and press the flush. There is no secret about using the Japanese bathroom, the only thing that changes is that it has buttons to control and heat the jet of water.

How to use the electronic toilet in japan

Electronic bathroom vocabulary

Below we will see a list of words that you will find on the buttons of the panels of these electronic bathrooms.

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger >>
お尻おしりoshiriwash behind, butt.
やわらか-yawarakamilder wash.
水勢すいせいsuiseiwater pressure.
音量おんりょうonryouvolume (sound).
音停止おとていしototeishistop sound.
パワー脱臭パワーだっしゅうpawaa dasshuudeodorizing power.

Now you won't have any more problems when using the Japanese bathroom. Any embarrassing situation just press the button marked in red written (止) or (■) that the jet stops. Some bathrooms have 2 flush options. Being (大) for large and strong discharge and (小) for small and light discharge that saves water.

Washiki Toire - Japanese Style Bathroom

For a tourist traveling to a country on the other side of the world is already a great adventure. You will definitely see new things and have new experiences, so imagine you arrive in Japan and go to the bathroom to do your needs and immediately see a hole in the floor? There are similar toilets in some places in Brazil, which consists of just one hole, but the one in Japan goes further as you can see in the photo.

Bathroom in japan - the superiority of the japanese toilet

It may seem strange and funny, because I think everyone expects to find those High Tech toilets that open by themselves and heat up, in addition to the famous jet. However, these traditional toilets with holes in the ground are easily found in public places, train stations and others. 

It is a toilet that is located on the floor so that to be used you have to squat, if you think that the position is bad and you are afraid of falling, rest assured that most have walls or a pipe near you to support yourself . If you still don't want to use this type of bathroom, in most public places you will find the traditional toilet.

Bathroom in japan - the superiority of the japanese toilet

Private High Tech vs. Washiki

But why use the toilet washiki if you have a toilet high tech? Washiki is more hygienic since you don't have to touch the toilet, while the goal of the High Tech toilet is to have more comfort.

In homes, it is not common to find a washiki-style vase, and even many public places are exchanging this hole vase for ordinary vases with technology where you can clean the seat before sitting down or put a disposable hygienic cover on the seat. Other than that, both Japanese toilets may have automatic flush, or different flush levels.

Bathroom phrases

Where is the bathroom?

  • トイレはどこですか?
  • Toire wa dokodesu ka?

I'm going to the bathroom.

  • トイレに行きます。
  • toire ni ikimasu;

Are you busy.

  • 忙しいです。
  • isogashīdesu;

I want to go to the bathroom.

  • 私はトイレに行きたいです。
  • Watashi wa toire ni ikitaidesu;

Japanese bathroom videos

To end the article, we will leave some videos about the bathrooms in Japan. If you liked the article, share and leave your comments. Thank you very much and see you next time!

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