Japan Trains: Curiosities and Facts

Every year the Japanese travel over 260 billion kilometers using trains. Meanwhile, Americans travel just 10 billion miles a year, even though they have a larger population and country. In this article we will see some curiosities about trains in Japan.

Japan has over 20,000 km of railway lines, the train is the easiest way to get around Japan. Trains transformed Japanese culture in many ways and also dramatically improved the quality of life in Japan.

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Benefits of using trains in Japan

Trains in Japan are used more than cars, as they are much more practical and bring numerous benefits such as:

  • Health aid - The person must walk to the train station;
  • No costs – Many companies usually pay all expenses with one pass;
  • Security - There is no danger of a car hitting yours;
  • Punctuality – Trains in Japan are super punctual, delays are seconds and they even apologize;
  • No traffic jams - You won't have any traffic problems;
  • Professionalism – Customer service is the priority, stations all organized, employees in uniform;
  • Nightlife – Thanks to trains, having a fun night out is easier;
  • Read and study – On trains you are free to read and study and even sleep;
  • Urban landscapes – You will have a much more pleasant ride;
  • Environment – Trains pollute less and use less energy than cars;
  • Locomotion – Thanks to trains, it is possible to travel across the country in a few hours;

Shinkansen - Bullet train in Japan

The famous bullet train called shinkansen [新幹線] in Japanese, is the fastest and safest transport in the world. They generally operate at a speed of up to 320 km/h.

Since its opening in 1964 there has never been a serious accident involving rail derailment or the like. Some of these bullet trains have traveled far enough to land 30,000 times. 

Currently, the shinkansen system spans more than 2,397 kilometers, connecting all of Japan. Japanese bullet trains are comfortable and quiet, almost like an airplane on rails.

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All about trains in Japan - curiosities

Oshiya - Pushing people on trains

In some places at peak times, trains in Japan are full, and people have to be pushed to fit them on the train. There are officials who do just that, and they are called Oshiya [押し屋].

You can also push people when you are boarding or even inside the train, but it should be gently, using your body and not your hands, and only do this when necessary, as depending on the situation, they may consider harassment.

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All about trains in japan – curiosities

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Japanese train decoration

Some trains in Japan are decorated with characters from anime and manga, sometimes even the stations so in the decoration mood. There are really countless trains and photos spread over the internet, which could make an article just with these photos.

The trains are also full of advertisements, depending on the location they can have different colors and designs. Some are colorful and flashy, others receive diverse local advertising.

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All about trains in Japan - curiosities

Train Stations in Japan

To end the article, I will leave a video of our daily Japan channel, showing how the trains and stations are.

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