OpenToonz – Animation program used by Studio Ghibli is available

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Open source animation program OpenToonz was launched on March 26

Official page for Download OpenToonz:

Description / Old article talking about the Program before its launch! 

The new software based on Toonz, used by Studio Ghibli, will allow adding new functions, free of charge

Tokyo - Dwango announced that it has acquired the rights to the Toonz animation production program, created by Digital Video SPA based in Rome, Italy. In an agreement between both companies, Dwango decided to develop the open version of the program. OpenToonz will be available to anyone, free of charge, from March 26th.

OpenToonz includes functions developed by Studio Ghibli (* Toonz Ghibli Edition), a longtime user of Toonz. For the new program, Dwango added some effects using artificial intelligence technology and a plug-in system that allows the user to create their own original effects.


With OpenToonz, Dwango aims to offer a platform for research and encouragement to the animation industry, providing quick results and encouraging active cooperation between creators, the research field and the animation industry.

The OpenToonz program will be presented during the AnimeJapan 2016 event at the Tokyo Big-Sight event hall, with workshops on the 26th and 27th of March. There will also be a seminar on the spot on the 26th. Dwango's president, Nobuo Kawakami, and Tokyo University assistant professor Shun Iwasawa, as well as the executive director of images at Ghibli Studio, Atsushi Okui, will be present as a special guest.

* Toonz Ghibli Edition is the customized version of Toonz developed by Estúdio Ghibli, used for the application of colors and digital composition since the work “The Secret World of Arrietty”.

■ Official OpenToonz page:

Related comments:

“During the production of“ Princesa Mononoke ”in 1995, we felt the need for software that would allow us to create certain parts in digital animation. We evaluated some programs and opted for Toonz. We wanted to work with the quality of animation for cinema without stress and combine hand made drawings with digital painting. From that point on, we continue to use the software and update major updates to adjust usage more easily. We are happy to hear that the open source version contains the Ghibli Edition. We hope that the program will be used by many people, inside and outside the animation industry. We express our gratitude to the Digital Video team. ”

(Atsushi Okui, Executive Director of Images at Ghibli Studio)

“The contract with Dwango, which offers Toonz's open platform for the animation world, allowed Digital Video to implement one of its strategies - transforming Toonz into a 2D animation standard. This also represents the starting point for promoting the open source business model. We are thinking of doing this through training classes for new and veteran users in customizing Toonz. We are proud to share this step with Dwango and Estúdio Ghibli, our user since 1995, for the renovation of Toonz. ”

(Claudio Mattei, Managing Director of Digital Video, creator of Toonz)

OpenToonz seminar at AnimeJapan 2016 event

  • Date: March 26, 2016 (Saturday), from 11:00 am to 11:45 am
  • Local: Tokyo Big-Sight, Creation Stage in Hall 6, East)
  • Theme: “Open Source Tools Project for Animation Production”
  • Speakers: Nobuo Kawakami (president of Dwango), Shun Iwasawa (assistant professor at Tokyo University) and Atsushi Okui (executive director of images at Ghibli Studio)

There will be distribution of passwords to attend the seminar. Entrance to the seminar is free but you must purchase admission to the AnimeJapan event

In addition to the seminar, there will be OpenToonz workshops on March 26th and 27th, at Kadokawa's booth, in the central area of the event (J41). Anyone can test the program )

Article sent by Silvia kikuchi

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