Establishments that prohibit foreigners from entering

There are establishments in Japan that you will probably end up with a written sign: "Only Japanese" or something. Don't worry that it is something very very rare, but if someone saw it has already hit the internet.

The intention of these posters is to prohibit the entry of foreigners and to keep them away from the establishment. Why does this happen? There are several pretexts that you hear about but all of this can be summed up with preconception.

It is worth making it clear that Japan is not the only place in the world with these plates. In most countries there is at least one such establishment. I have come across establishments with really racist signs allowing only whites to enter countries like the USA.

Do not go out to Japan or the Japanese because of 1 establishment out of millions. Calling Japanese people prejudiced because of a sign from a random location only makes you prejudiced.

Establishments that prohibit foreigners from entering

Why prohibit foreigners from entering establishments?

There are several factors, it may be that store employees are not able to serve foreign customers in another language. Perhaps the service offered by the place is exclusive, or it may even be some obscure business or controlled by the yakuza.

The few places that usually have these signs are accompanied by the +18 sign, which indicates that it may be some place of prostitution. Many places of prostitution do not accept foreigners. The Japanese probably don't want to experience the “size” of foreigners.

I think that hardly the owner of the place will put this sign for some reason like “aah in a gaijin taste“, Because it ends up with his own profit and sale. We have already entered some very Japanese places like some PUB where the owners have never met a foreigner, did not speak any other language and were very happy to meet us.

There are places that also prohibit entry of people with tattoos. These places are common, mainly onsen and pools. 

A friend of mine who lives in Japan also researched a similar topic and made a video that you can watch below:

Is there prejudice on these plates?

There is no denying that there is an anti-foreign mentality in Japan, but that is not for nothing. Foreigners do not always maintain a good reputation. Despite being something done for half a dozen manes, we all know that the collective pays for what some individuals do.

Since the foreigner stands out so much in Japan, a badly behaved foreigner can make all foreigners look bad. From time to time, such a story appears in the Japanese media. In addition, there is still some bullshit between the older generation that fought in World War II and anyone who is not Japanese.

An establishment plaque written in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. The sign warns that the store is exclusive use of Japanese.
An establishment plaque written in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. The sign warns that the store is for Japanese use only.

However, times have changed and, honestly, no one deserves to be mocked or repressed just because you, coincidentally, are in the same group as those people who harm others. If you are a good person, why suffer discrimination because you are a foreigner? Why pay the duck for what other people did?

What to do in these cases?

Although it is difficult to find these types of establishments that prohibit the entry of non-Japanese, it is something that can be dealt with in a simple way. Go somewhere else. After all, you are not missing out on something. In this case, they are the ones who are losing customers.

And, generally, those places that have these signs do not have a very good reputation. These are places that even the Japanese themselves tend to avoid. Most of the time the service of these types of commerce is not of good quality.

So, if you go to a restaurant, bar, or something like that and you come across a sign prohibiting foreigners from entering, simply go elsewhere. You will not be missing anything.

If you think this trade has offended you in any way, think carefully before trying to waste time reporting or regretting it on the internet. Such places are not exclusive to Japan, there are such establishments in countries like Russia and South Korea.

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