Japanese Cellphones - Curiosities and Models

Do you know cell phones in Japan? Do you know the favorite models of the Japanese? Do you know some curiosities related to phones in Japan? In this article, we are going to talk all about Japanese phones.

In the Japanese language, cell phones are called "keitai denwa" [携帯電話] which literally means "portable phones". The Japanese usually abbreviate it by calling it just "keitai" or "sumaho" [スマホ] which is an abbreviation for smartphone.

Even though Japan is the center of technology, many Japanese have not evolved and still use phones with keys or the famous flip-phones (those phones that open and close). A market that grows faster than the smartphone market itself.

Another cell phone that dominates the TOP of sales in Japan is the famous Iphone, where it is very accessible to the Japanese due to the numerous postpaid plans of the operators and the high Japanese salary.

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Cell phones in japan - japanese curiosities and models

Why aren't flip-phones dead yet?

You can notice in anime and dramas, many characters still use flip-phones or an Iphone. Come to think of it, the benefits of flip-phones are many, they are lighter, more resistant to drops and considerably cheaper.

They also use much less data from carrier networks, which makes cheaper plans available for customers who buy these phones. The Japanese are slow when it comes to technological evolution.

Not to mention that Japan's flip phones are evolved. Some are touchscreen and have the Android operating system with 4G. Companies want to satisfy the tastes of the population, and at the same time, advance in technology.

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Cell phones in japan - japanese curiosities and models

Fun facts about cell phones in Japan:

Using infrared and Bluetooth – It is very common to see people exchanging their numbers through infrared, or by email. You can notice several anime and dramas, rarely someone will speak your phone number.

I don't even need to talk about the countless models, colors... It's also very common for girls to decorate their phones with thousands of stickers and key chains.

Cell phones in japan - japanese curiosities and models

Talking on the phone in public transport is prohibited, there are several signs advising to leave the phone on silent. In many places, it is forbidden to take pictures with phones and cameras, so anyone who thinks about photographing everything should be careful. There are some restaurants and stores that prohibit the use of phones.

Carriers in Japan are NTT DoCoMo, SoftBank, au/KDDI and Y!Mobile. Line is the most used messaging app in Japan, no Whatsapp or Telegram.

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Osaifu-Keitai - A system that turns your phone into a credit card capable of being used even in hanbaiki. (vending machines). There are alarms that call another person or guardian if someone is a heavy sleeper.

Cell phones in japan - japanese curiosities and models

No matter the phone, it's common to see people watching TV, movies on the subway, since the internet there doesn't fluctuate. Novels for phones are quite popular in Japan, both books and games.

Custom templates are quite common. Cell phones with limited editions, and even with Disney characters. There are also some rare cell phone models that charge the solar battery.

Japan has already made cell phones with breathalyzers, 3D cameras, radiation detectors, with transparent displays, cookie and chocolate shapes, cell phones that turn into robots and many others.

Cell phones in japan - japanese curiosities and models

In Japan it is common to pay bills by cell phone via NFC. Nowadays many Japanese people use their cell phones instead of train passes like Suica or Pasmo. You can also buy via codes on Line or make purchases at vending machines.

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Buying a cell phone in Japan

Unfortunately, many cell phones are sold blocked by carriers, requiring you to have an address in Japan and use a carrier there. Which makes it difficult to buy iPhones and other models.

Still, yes, it is easy to find models with SIM free, called SIM FREE. Unfortunately, these cell phones tend to be more expensive. Another alternative is to use a chip that unlocks these carrier-locked phones.

If you live in Japan, buying a phone is easy. Operators offer several plans that appear to be advantageous, but nothing as bad as postpaid plans in Brazil.

Cell phones in japan - japanese curiosities and models
Japan phones

Cell Phones and Chips Rental – If you are a tourist, you can rent a phone. Usually requires a photo ID and a credit card. Many companies have kiosks at airports, while other companies will send a phone to your hotel or home. You can return the phones at the airport or via email, depending on the company.

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