Is Japan really Technological and Futuristic?


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When talking about Japan, people imagine an evolved, technological and futuristic place full of robots and technologies. Is Japan really like that? In this article we will see that Japan is not evolved as people think.

Japan does absolutely everything to simplify people's lives through Convenience stores, escalators and elevators in public places and other places like train stations, in addition to several other services of unique quality.

Yet Japan is not how people think, you don't find technology everywhere and things don't always happen in a productive and futuristic way. In reality, Japan is still very old-fashioned.

O japão é realmente tecnológico e futurista?

Japanese don't know how to use computers. The energy is still on poles instead of underground. The offices are outdated, with fax machines and huge bookcases full of document folders. Did you get a taste of what we're going to see in this article?

Japan has a lot of technology

Japan's technology impresses all foreigners with its robots, toilet bowls full of buttons, automatic machines everywhere and trains connecting the whole country.

Japan also produces a lot of technology. About 75% of hard drives are manufactured in Japan, Japan's share in electronic components is 80%, more than half of Apple's components are Japanese.

O japão é realmente tecnológico e futurista?

Despite Japan being one of the largest technology manufacturers and inventors in the world, Japan has been stagnating since the 1990s because of the economic bubble and is losing out in several areas involving technology.

Japan is still a master at creating useless inventions because of its strong capitalism.

Japan does not use its technology

In Japan many still do not use smartphones but flip-phones, those open and close phones, and they are not only elderly but even some young people use this cell type. Sometimes some still adhere to the idea of not having any cell phones.

Although Japan has NFC, Credit Cards and other forms of digital payment, most stores only accept cash and the Japanese are not so used to using cards. Even though Japan is a safe country, it is irritating to carry a wallet full of coins, but the Japanese prefer it.

O japão é realmente tecnológico e futurista?
Japan Phones

Japan still uses many things that Brazil no longer uses, such as CDs, Blu-rays, fax machines and kerosene heaters that are not practical. It is not easy to buy everything online, paying bills online is even more complicated, you often need to go to a convenience store.

Banks are also overdue and do not offer all the facilities for applications as we have in Brazil. Some banks only allow you to withdraw money from their tellers and not at ATMs found in stores like Seven Eleven.

The Japanese prefer to do things the old way

Not all Japanese people usually have e-mails. If you ask for an email it will end up sending what the mobile operator creates to send SMS. If you browse Japanese websites you will see a lot of layouts and designs looking like blogs from 2006.

O japão é realmente tecnológico e futurista?

In reality, most Japanese people do not use computers, they do everything on their cell phones. Still, things are not so practical in the workplace, where paper is still the main way to store data.

Not even certificates or test results, entrance exams or JLPT can be issued on the internet, cell phone or post office. What is worse is that some have even been forced to use FAX to receive certain documents from large bodies in Japan.

If you need to get something, be prepared to sign more forms and forms even if they have all your information on a computer. Banks, offices, schools, government agencies… No matter where you go, Japan prefers to have everything on paper.

O japão é realmente tecnológico e futurista?

If you play, you still find people with Windows 98 installed on their computers, not to mention that XP is still very common. When it comes to software, things are terrible. Even though there is all current technology in Japan, the Japanese don't seem to care.

Why does Japan have so many inventions but is not fully evolved?

This is mainly because more than a quarter of the Japanese population is elderly and traditionalist. Even though Japan is one of the countries that most invent technology, its population is not fully prepared to make full use of most of them.

Japanese construction engineering, transportation technology, logistics and city engineering are excellent, but when it comes to the rest, most of the time the technology is only made to look beautiful and sell. If you don't sell, you don't have any more.

O japão é realmente tecnológico e futurista?

The Japanese create new technologies and implement them in society, but only in areas that are important to the Japanese. Unfortunately each culture is different, you can see that the Japanese prefer the simple and colorful games from Nintendo to the realistic games from Sony.

So I come to the conclusion that these things mentioned in the article are that way because the Japanese either want to or have not yet become popular or gone viral in a way that forces everyone to use it. Technology does evolve in Japan, but the Japanese are not obliged to evolve with it.

What do you think about technology in Japan? Did you know that Japan was not that advanced? Do you think Japan's technology was overrated? If you liked the article, share and leave your comments.