Japan Sights for Technology Lovers

In this article, we will see some sights of Japan for those who love and seek technology. These are places where you can clearly see Japan's technological advances, robots, computers, inventions, scientific advances and others.

Japan and especially Tokyo has a giant contrast between traditional and technological. It's amazing to see how everything fits together perfectly. Below we will leave a summary to help in your navigation.

Akihabara - Tokyo district

It is the technology district of Tokyo, the Asian capital of technology consumers worldwide. There are several attractions there, including Yodobashi megastore. You can buy almost any device that exists, from phones to cameras, computers and any of its related accessories.

Japan sights for technology lovers

In the same building is SEGA, where you can spend hours trying out incredible arcade games, old and new. Any electronic device can be found in the many shopping centers in the city, which has everything from small to large malls. In any of them you will find new products with great prices.

In the city it is also possible to experience another culture, Otaku. You can find many stores that sell things related to manga, anime and games or go to the famous Maid Cafe.

Tsukuba - The city of science

About an hour northeast of Akihabara by train is Tsukuba, known as the City of Science. Almost half of Japan's research and development budget is spent here.

Among the main attractions of the city is the Tsukuba Space Center, where you can see exhibitions. The tours undertaken are related to recent astronomical research and Japan's role on the International Space Station.

Japan sights for technology lovers

Another attraction is the Tsukuba Expo Center, which focuses on rockets, robotics and underwater vehicles. But it also has a fantastic planetarium and a well-known robot that plays an organ.

There is also Science Square, where the emphasis is on industrial technology and a truly fascinating glimpse into the near future. This based on the rate of technological innovation of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (or AIST).

It is impossible to visit JAXA without remembering Uchuu Kyoudai.

Odaiba - artificial island in Tokyo

There are many other technological attractions in the capital of Japan. For example, you can visit Odaiba, an artificial island in Tokyo bay, with high-end buildings. These can be reached by the elevated Yurikamome train line. The Miraikan National Science Museum is located on the island.

In the museum, one can see and interact with ASIMO, the famous humanoid robot built by Honda, whose name means “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility”. He looks like a small man in a space suit and is as mobile as one.

Japan sights for technology lovers

He has skills in running, jumping, object recognition, memory, conversation and now bottle opening. In addition to its entertainment value, ASIMO represents a great and growing advance in robotic engineering and even in the care industry. In the museum are the two largest exhibitions of electronics companies in Japan.

The Panasonic show room and Sony Explore Science are both in Odaiba. In addition, at Toyota Mega Web it is possible to experience the test drive of Toyota's latest vehicles.

In other parts of Miraikan, you can view exhibits with androids and take advantage of numerous opportunities to interact with robots of different sizes and functions. This activity is highly recommended.

Japan sights for technology lovers

However, the island doesn't just have technological attractions, it has buildings with unique architecture, numerous shopping and dining options. It is also one of the best places in Tokyo for night vision, offering incredible views with Tokyo Bay, the Bay Bridge and the brilliant city of Tokyo on the other side.

For the Tokyo tech tour to be complete, a reservation at Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku is required. An interactive robot show takes place there, which at first may seem to have a price that may seem heavy. But the show is so fun and amazing that when you finish your opinion will change.

But if you are looking for a truly exciting experience, you should go to the Ruriden columbarium, a digital cemetery operated by the Koukoko-ji Buddhist Temple. It is home to more than 2000 digital funeral altars, marked by glass Buddha statues - an intriguing glimpse of yet another possible future.

We cannot forget the famous digital museum Mori teamlab. This incredible artistic museum is entirely made with technologies, holograms, lights, reflections and thousands of things that cannot be explained in text. Better see the video below:

Henn-na Hotel - Robot hotel in Sasebo

Henn-na Hotel made international headlines as the first hostel in the world to be managed by robots.

The robots at the reception, which include a velociraptor, are all multilingual and efficient. The storage room is operated by a mechanical arm, and the company has dispensed with room keys, opting for facial recognition.

All rooms are equipped with an AI-oriented concierge unit, called Tapia. It performs tasks according to spoken commands. Even though some human employees are always on the scene for emergencies, it is almost completely a completely robotic case.

Japan sights for technology lovers

A second Henn-na Hotel now exists near Tokyo Disneyland, and another is scheduled for Nagoya. But it is Sasebo's that was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Other technology-related places in Japan

There are thousands of museums and places that you can visit in different cities in Japan to follow the technological progress and the history of technology in Japan. We will briefly mention some of these places below:

In Osaka try to visit the Panasonic Museum where you find thousands of products manufactured by the company and its entire history in more than 100 years. Toshiba and Sony also have their museums with interactive exhibits, 3d aquarium and more.

Japan sights for technology lovers

There is a shrine in Japan called Kanda Myojin, where people go to bless their business and electronic and technological devices.

You can also see the technological advancement of trains traveling by bullet train or taking the train on the Yurikamome line where there is no driver on board. You can also visit designer stores like Tsutaya, a bookshop with a unique design.

In Minato you will find TEPIA, a technological and robotic exhibition. If you research, you will come across thousands of conventions and exhibitions related to technology, temporary or fixed spread across Japan.

Do you know any other place or event related to technology in Japan? I hope you enjoyed the article. If you liked it, share and leave your comments.

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