Apple in Japan - Price, Popularity, and Fun Facts

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Ever wondered why Apple is so successful in Japan? Are iOS macOS devices used more than other operating systems in the country? In this article, we will tell you all about Apple from Japan. 

Apple's Success in Japan

Apple is very present in Japan, nearly 72% of mobile device market share in Japan belongs to iPhone and iPad. It's not the same with macOS, but they are also quite popular.

For every 5 people in Tokyo or Osaka with a phone in their hand, 6 are iPhones. otherwise it's some flip phone (which are incredibly modern with Android and Touchscreen).

The Japanese don't usually like non-Japanese brands, Apple is one of the exceptions. Samsung despite its worldwide success, may end up lagging behind Sony (which is dead) and others.

Currently Cell Phone Marketing in Japan belongs to the following brands:

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Apple in japan - price, popularity and curiosities

The Japanese Like Apple's Simplicity

One of the cultures that predominates in Japan is simplicity and ease. Everything is created to make people's lives easier, from simple packaging to public transport systems. Surely they would prefer a standardized interface to a system that is completely different from one another.

Bearing in mind that the fact that few Japanese people use notebooks and computers makes the cell phone their main technological tool. Apple features many advantages to replacing a computer system, especially the iPads which are also quite popular in the hands of the Japanese.

The general population of Japan who is not used to technology, simply does not know mobile phone brands like LG, Xiaomi, Motorola and others, except Apple. In fact, there are Japanese people who don't even know the Android operating system.

Apple's marketing and popularity in Japan is from the first releases. Many Japanese got used to their tools and today they can't give up for something different. So much so that the arguments of some Japanese people to use the iPhone don't make much sense.

It is worth remembering that price is not a relevant factor when buying in Japan as it is in Brazil. The Japanese value physically well-designed products and don't care about the ideology of open software, not least because they don't usually resort to piracy and jailbreaks.

Apple in japan - price, popularity and curiosities

Apple in Japan is cheaper than the competition

I don't think the Japanese buy Apple products because they're cool or they want to show off like Brazilians do. Unlike the reality in Brazil, Apple in Japan can be cheaper than other competitors. I myself was one who migrated to Apple after being the most affordable option between Microsoft and Samsung. 

In the case of mobile devices, the plans offered by operators always prioritize an iPhone, leaving it super accessible next to the plan. The purchasing power and the affordable price allow Apple devices to be widely marketed among the entire Japanese population.

I remember paying ¥56,000 for an iPad Pro while an equivalent Samsung tablet cost over ¥80,000 yen. Not to mention used iPads which can be found in the 20,000 yen range.

with less than one Japanese minimum wage you can buy a MacBook or an iMac, while in Brazil we need the full year's salary. Deciding between Apple and another brand in Japan is just a matter of taste and not price. 

Apple in japan - price, popularity and curiosities

Apple's Price in Japan

Talking about prices is a very relative thing, because it tends to change depending on the hardware specifications, year of release, if it's new or used, or if it was obtained in some kind of plan and discount. Therefore, the price table below is an estimate of new products:

To get a dollar equivalent, just put a comma after two zeros. 100 yen equals approximately 0.96 USD. Example: 100,000 yen is worth about 1,000.00 dollars.

Responsive Table: Scroll the table to the side with your finger >>
ProductPrice in Yen
MacMini72.000 - 120.000
iPad (+Air)40,000 to 65,000
iPad Pro60,000 to 120,000
MacBook100,000 to 130,000
iMac120,000 to 300,000
MacBook Pro134,000 to 280,000
iMacPro300,000 to 1,000,000
iPhone70,000 to 150,000
iPhone (PRO) Max80,000 to 170,000
Apple Watch40,000 to 75,000

It is worth mentioning that Japanese Operators usually sell cheaper and exclusive iPhones linked or not to a monthly plan. Unlike Brazil, most Japanese opt for a monthly phone plan. Unlocked iPhones in Japan are much more expensive at over $1,000.

If you're looking for used Apple products, you can find good stuff for under 50,000 yen. Some iPads can even be found for 20,000 yen in good condition.

Apple in japan - price, popularity and curiosities

Apple Marketing Is Strong in Japan

No matter where you look, especially in big cities, Apple's marketing is gigantic, starting with its sophisticated and modern stores that stand out in the big neighborhoods.

Television, train stations, everywhere we see Apple marketing that wins over young Japanese easily. Apple fan or not, the ubiquity in Japan is quite noticeable.

When Apple entered Japan, it already entered with everything, without even giving space for the Android operating system. It simply blasted Japan's native operating systems. It took a long time for Android to make a market in Japan, yet its reach is still low and limited.

even some Schools in Japan often suggest iPads to students. When watching anime, it is common to find only iOS devices, flip phones or a smartphone from Sony and Huawei. I believe that for a long time, Apple will continue to be a priority, even if it takes a while to update in Hardware, I still consider its software unbeatable.

Apple in japan - price, popularity and curiosities
Apple in japan - price, popularity and curiosities

The iPhone established in Japan before Android

When the iPhone came out, Softbank was second in the market and looking for a first-mover advantage. So Apple and Softbank got together on an exclusive contract and both got a big boost on the Android front.

Before Android even spread, iPhone was practically the first to arrive after flip phones. The simple fact that the Japanese took public transport constantly helped even more in the need to have a new system that had maps and integrated payments. Apple was the pioneer, so it dominated Japan.

After a few years, when it became clear that the iPhone was saturating only on SoftBank, Apple released plans with Docomo and Au, boosting sales.

This exclusivity agreement with Japanese carriers makes it very difficult for foreigners traveling to Japan with the intention of buying an iPhone. Generally, iPhones that are not locked by any operator are more expensive than those sold in official stores linked to an operator.

Videos about Apple in Japan

Finally, we will leave you some videos about Apple in Japan:

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