Male beauty standards in Japan

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We already know that Japan is totally different from the west, which results in different beauty tastes. What is considered beautiful in Japan is totally different from what is considered in Brazil or in other countries. In this article, we are going to examine Japan's male beauty, understand what girls like, and what style of fashion and appearance popular Japanese people adopt.

I don't even need to make it clear that I like it is something personal! So just because I'm quoting something in the article doesn't mean it's 100% like that, especially with the westernization of the country things are changing fast and diversifying even more. For example, even sumo wrestlers in the past were considered sexy, they had beautiful wives. Already, nowadays, many young women like boys who look like girls.

How is a man considered handsome and sexy in Japan?

Some women find those men with narrow eyes, thin lips, narrow chins, and well-brushed Asian features, attractive. Others like Western men with round eyes and long eyelashes looking like Europeans. In Japan there is no such thing as a macho man, many Japanese prefer soft men.

The concept of male beauty in Japan

Women find smooth-skinned, androgynous men with elaborate, dyed hair cute. It is enough to notice this style in the popular music bands among young people. Some even claim that their hair should float! Even the cooking skill has become a highlight that women notice in men. Today's women expect men to be sensitive, clean and sexy rather than rich.

In Japan, some men spend more money on cosmetics than women. They are increasingly obsessed with the skin. While in the past samurai and sumo wrestlers shaved even half of their heads, nowadays Japanese people who suffer from baldness resort to products, medicines and even wigs. Surveys say that nearly half of Japan's male population does not consider it a problem for men to wear makeup.

Beards, mustaches and facial hair are not common in Japan. That's because men don't grow as much in Japan as well as being discouraged in workplaces. In a way, there are bans and complaints about people with beards in various areas of Japan. Some resort to fake beards and mustaches to wear outside of work. Nowadays more and more men are wearing handbags, diamond jewelry and accessories.

The concept of male beauty in Japan

Results of the male beauty concept in Japan

This masculine idea of beauty has had several strange results. Nowadays there are men's beauty salons that offer body waxing, skin cleansing, manicures and even makeup classes. Among the most popular are mud facials, shaving the legs and eyebrows. The increase in sales of men's cosmetics has caused a decline in sales of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, flashy cars and even greasy restaurant meals.

This menswear concept has also resulted in herbivorous men, who don't like to drink, don't date and have sex and they are kind of effeminate. Some men even buy bras and say they feel more relaxed. Others dress in women's clothing even though they have no interest in men. Some even date, and share clothes together with their girlfriend. Even famous singers appear on stage wearing high heels, sequined pants and carrying teddy bears.

The concept of male beauty in Japan

In general, it is true that Japanese girls tend to like an androgynous figure visual kei. This concept of beauty is not something of today, but it also has cultural roots. We can see this in kabuki theater. In the past, famous daimyos and masters were praised for their beautiful face and makeup. So we can conclude that masculinity in Japan is not defined by physical appearance. And remember! This does not mean that all Japanese women like men who are somewhat androgynous, which in reality they are not the majority.

The true concept of male beauty in Japan

It's true that in Japan you don't need big muscles and a tall, macho look. But that doesn't mean that the Japanese don't have aggressive and dominant attitudes. The long history of Japan and the samurai shows how devout, disciplined, confident and hardworking the Japanese are. The problem is that some attitudes common in the West can be seen as rude. Japanese women do like bold and confident men, but they look for sensitive, thoughtful and elegant men first.

The concept of male beauty in Japan

Even though this is the ideal man for Japanese women, most men don't really care about their appearance. It's much more common to find Japanese with hair and dress clothes than the concept we've covered in this article. Even young people at school are told to follow a standard of beauty, and that standard continues after adulthood at work. Most men that women consider beautiful and elegant are found more in the fashion, music and dance area with singers and idols. As these men end up being unreachable for some women, they resort to anfitriã Where are men with that appearance to be found?

Japanese women and women in general look at a man's personality first and then at appearance. So it doesn't matter if we're handsome, have gigantic blond hair or wear colorful clothes that stand out. We just need to be well-groomed and we'll be considered beautiful, even if it's by a Japanese woman. Did you like the article? We'd love to hear your feedback and share it! xD

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