Hostess Clubs – All about the bar for the needy

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Do you know Hostess Club? In Japan they are called kyabakura (キャバクラ) which can be translated as Cabaret. In these bars men usually interact with a hostess, being a beautiful and sexy girl. In these bars you spend your time drinking while chatting with this beautiful girl about everyday things or things that interest you. They are paid to laugh at your jokes, listen to your problems, look at you and show interest in you.

Unlike other western bars, a Japanese Hostess is usually full of rules. It is not common to have contact with the girl or know her real name. they are like the geishas, are there just to entertain without any prostitution, sensual dancing, nudity, massage or touch. There are also Hostesses for women with male hosts.

Hostess clubs - all about the bar for the needy

Facts about Hostesses

The men who usually frequent these places, in addition to paying a fee to talk to the girl, they usually buy her drinks. These girls also earn commissions for those drinks that they manage to sell, most of the time they order non-alcoholic drinks to be able to work normally.

There are other versions of Hostess where men can touch girls (from the waist up) and have hot conversations. These places are called seku-kyabakura” or “ichya-kyabakura. They are not usually common, as the government prohibits these types of establishments. However, there are many establishments and bars with sensual dances, strips and even a bar in this style where you can grope the six of the hostesses. There are also the snack bar where girls are encouraged to flirt and serve male customers, thus attracting more and more men in need.


There are several services of the type to end the Japanese shortage. It wasn't just the geisha of the past or the current hostess, the Maid-Café, Cosplay-Café and even services to meet girls without sex, just to go to Karaoke or cinema take place in Japan.

Some men end up spending up to $30,000 a night just on expensive drinks or gifts for their hostesses. The salary of a hostess is great, they usually make more than 3,000 yen an hour.

The lie behind the Hostess

The girls are just doing their job, but it's undeniable that men end up having fantasies, or being happy with the girls' work. Many Japanese are needy and need people to listen to their problems and praise them, that's where the hostesses of the Hostess Clubs come in. They often say things like:

  • You are so cool;
  • You are smart;
  • You are beautiful;
  • You are so mature;
Hostess clubs – all about the bar for the needy

It's just that in reality they don't even care about you, they're just doing their job. Sometimes it can happen that a girl is being honest, some even managed to win over girls who worked in Hostesses. Others manage to hire her for extra services ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) after working hours. The fact is that many men end up falling in love with hostess girls and as many are rich, they end up getting many expensive gifts.

Working at a Hostess Club is not considered a bad thing. Most of the girls who work there say it's the same as being a waitress in a restaurant.” The only thing a hostess does is chat, sit and serve drinks. This job requires more psychology than maintaining morality.

Is that you? What do you think of this service? Would you dare to attend one? Do you really think the people who frequent this place are needy or are they just looking for a place to drink and chat? We appreciate your comments and shares.

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