Betrayal, infidelity, and divorce in Japanese marriage

I bet many have already wondered what married life is like in Japan. It is even hard to imagine since we are talking about a country whose marriage is being an out of the question aspect of the lives of Japanese citizens in general and the number of married people only tends to decrease. In this article, we are going to talk specifically about betrayal, infidelity and divorce in Japanese marriage.

They say that there is a lot of betrayal within the Japanese marriage due to the fact that the Japanese man commits himself to work hard, taking shifts of more than 10 hours a day, and staying out of the house practically all day while the woman, being a housewife , ends up having an affair with another man while her husband is away. The reverse also happens with the man outside the home while the woman raises her children.

The truth is that, yes, the tendency of extramarital affairs in a Japanese marriage is high. Most Japanese marry out of obligation, thanks to the social pressure imposed by family members and society to have a family.

Women are the most charged for this because, for Japanese men, after the age of 25 if the woman has not yet married, they see the woman as an eternal farrista or a woman who does not get along with any man. Women, on the other hand, end up having to choose between their jobs and their children and many end up leaving their jobs to raise their children.

Betrayal, infidelity, and divorce in Japanese marriage

Extramarital affairs usually end up for emotional reasons. When discovered, in addition to resulting in divorce, the partner who cheated on the spouse ends up losing his job and the social reputation falls, causing the person to have a bad reputation.

What do the Japanese think of the betrayal?

Incredibly, there are Japanese people who justify extramarital affairs, especially when the partner in question cheats on their spouse with some prostitute. In this case, many feel that the betrayal is justified by the fact that it is a matter of “using a professional service” and being a customer and merchant relationship and nothing more.

However, when there is an affair between the partner and a person who is not involved in prostitution, because it is emotional, the Japanese already find this unacceptable. If there is any sense to it probably must be for them, because cheating is cheating regardless of the reason.

Betrayal, infidelity, and divorce in Japanese marriage
School days is a good example of how betrayal can be fatal!

But not everyone thinks so because there are still traditional people who refuse to accept any kind of excuse to commit adultery and think that marriage is a serious commitment that must be fulfilled with seriousness and loyalty.

Surveys conducted in Japan show that about 27% of men and 13% were women have already jumped over the fence. We should not rely on these rankings, which are quite inaccurate. The research probably reached a specific audience that leads a lifestyle that causes this result. In Brazil surveys reveal that 70% of men and 54% of women have already cheated on their partners.

What are the reasons for infidelity?

One reason is that some Japanese men dedicate themselves to work. Spending little time at home and leaving his wife aside. The woman, feeling lonely, ends up having an affair with another man.

The opposite is also true for the fact that one of the reasons why men end up working overtime is to “not get home early” and to avoid contact with his wife. In these situations, the man may also get involved in some case with another woman and betray his wife.

Betrayal, infidelity, and divorce in Japanese marriage

The fact that many marry out of obligation and pressure from society, results in a very unhappy and loveless marriage. So, one of the partners, or even both, ends up having extramarital affairs, often their partner is aware of it. To this day, there are still arranged marriages between wealthy families in Japan.

So, is betrayal and divorce common in Japan?

Obviously not least because that would be a kind of grotesque generalization. It's just something that happens both in Japan and around the world, including for the same reasons mentioned above. The divorce rate in Japan is 1,73% (2016) while Brazil is 2,41% (2014) per thousand inhabitants.

This means that most couples are able to maintain a marriage after cheating. Some, just for the sake of keeping up appearances. Other men lose custody of their children and never see them again, to avoid this, they maintain the marriage. Forgiveness is another great option in a culture of seemingly innocent and good people.

Fortunately the number of divorces in Japan has been dropping every year. What do you think of this subject? We appreciate comments and shares. We recommend you continue reading:

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