Akira Toriyama - Curiosities and his great works

If you do not know this man by his name you have certainly seen or at least heard of some character or work he created. Akira Toriyama (明鳥山) is a Japanese manga author, quite famous and known for being the creator of successful worldwide series like Dr. Slump and especially Dragon Ball.

Born on April 5, 1955 in Kiyosu, Aichi, Japan, Akira does not like to expose himself or give many interviews, as he does not consider himself a very popular person and does not deserve much public attention. But he did not start in stardom, like many, he achieved success after years of effort and several works, for example, his first story launched in 1978 called Wonder Island was not very successful.

After that, several of his projects were refused, but in 1979 the manga Tomato Girl Detective he started to change things and in 1980 he was successful with Doctor Slump who was soon converted to anime in two series.

Akira toriyama - curiosities and her great works

Even with his relatively simple traits, he was soon working designing characters for the famous Dragon Quest video game series, he also served as character designer for other games such as RPG. Chrono TriggerTobal Nº1. In 1983 Akira created Bird Studio, and that same year he created Dragon Boy which served as the basis for Dragon Ball.

The success of Dragon Ball

The Dragon ball manga appeared in 1984, initially inspired by the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, had its chapters serialized from 1984 to 1995 by Shounen Jump in 519 chapters, this became Akira's most famous and well-known work, reaching the whole world.

Akira toriyama - curiosities and her great works

The Dragon Ball manga was adapted into two anime series by Toei Animation: Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, which together were broadcast from 1986 to 1996 in Japan. In addition, 19 animated feature films and 3 TV specials were produced, and two others anime series titled Dragon Ball GT (1996-1997) and Dragon Ball Super (2015), not to mention the remake version with some cuts of Dragon Ball Z called Dragon Ball Kai.

Since it launched, Dragon Ball has become one of the best-selling anime and manga series in the world. The 42 volumes of the manga have sold more than 240 million copies worldwide. Critics praised the art, characters and humor of the story that Akira Toriyama created, even considered the work that most inspired others and that most boosted Japanese animation in Western culture.

Akira's Life Beyond Dragon Ball

His works after Dragon Ball were short works like Cowa !, Kajika and Neko Majin Z, but nothing with the reach of Dragon Ball. He recently worked as a character designer for the Xbox 360 RPG Blue Dragon, which also won an anime adaptation.

In 2006 Akira worked on the Crossover between Dragon Ball z and One piece, called Cross Epoch. Even in 2009 Akira Toriyama was responsible for the design of the Japanese pop rock singer Ayumi Hamasaki's CD, where she is dressed in Goku's outfit.

He continues to live in Aichi, has been married to his wife Nachi Mikame since 1982 and has a son named: Sasuke Toriyama, born in 1984 and a daughter born around 1990 who never had his identity revealed.

Akira toriyama - curiosities and her great works

Curiosities about Akira Toriyama and her works

  • He's a big fan of actor Jackie Chan;
  • Dr. Slump appears in some episodes of Dragon Ball, as much as Goku also appears in the new version The New Dr. Slump, in diverse episodes;
  • As of November 2014, the franchise generated $5 billion in merchandise, making Dragon Ball one of the most commercialized anime-based media franchises in the world;
  • Toriyama was a fan of Brazilian pilot Ayrton Senna, so much so that he got to know him personally and even designed the Mc Laren team with Dragon Ball characters;
  • In Dragon ball GT, Akira only participated with initial tips, character design, environments and objects and gave the series title;
  • Dragon ball is the most valuable anime franchise in the world totaling 43.1 billion yen in profits, while OnePiece earned 14.4 billion yen and Naruto with 5.4 billion yen;

Akira Toriyama's Works

Below we will leave some related works by Akira Toriyama for you to buy if you wish:

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