Anime that failed audiences

The anime and manga industry is somewhat unpredictable. As much as an anime is well received by media critics, it does not mean that it will not be an audience failure. Check out below, anime that were critically acclaimed but that went unnoticed by Otaku.

1. Shin Sekai Yori

Anime that failed audiences

Shin Sekai Yori it is hailed as a modern masterpiece. The dystopian tale brings an intriguing mystery and social commentary, but has failed to reach an audience.

A-1 Pictures chose a hybrid of 2D and cel-shading for art, which may have amazed fans looking for something beautiful to watch. Others blamed the homosexual theme, which is not something found in mainstream anime.

Shin Sekai Yori has a cult following in the international community, but even so, few people watched the anime.

2. Watamote

Anime that failed audiences

Watamote it is always a topic of debate. Is it a study on social anxiety and depression? Is it a mocking comedy? Does the series belittle mental illness? Is the series very understandable to some fans? Like most controversial works, most critics applaud Watamote for at least creating a debate about social anxiety.

Anyway, the Watamote it was a big failure with Japanese fans, but it was a hit with American fans. O Mangaka he went on to say that the manga is continued due to its popularity outside Japan.

3. Serial Experiments Lain

Anime that failed audiences

Serial Experiments Lain it's in the underground within the international community, but it was a failure in Japan. The tale of a girl being dragged into the world full of conspiracies was, according to the producer Yasuki Ueda, created as part of a "Cultural war against American culture and the American sense of values that we adopted after World War II".

Its aim was to criticize American imperialism and its worldwide influence. The irony is that the series is more popular in the United States than in Japan.

4. Ghost Stories

Anime that failed audiences

An article has already been made just for this anime in question (which you can even read it on here). Ghost Stories it's an anime underground, including in Brazil, despite having made its debut in the Toonami.

The anime became popular in the United States due to the American dubbing that satirized the anime and that took away the vibe more serious of Japanese dubbing. However, the anime flopped in Japan because it had no commercial appeal and failed to reach an audience.

5. Any anime grind nowadays

Anime that failed audiences

Let's face it, the anime and manga market is already SATURATED Anime / manga style moe. After the success of K-On, what was most common to see in high anime was moe behind moe.

Fortunately, this trend is currently falling and otaku are kind of sick of just finding anime / manga moe.

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