The best anime of gods and deities

Japan is dominated by Shinto, where thousands of gods and spirit creatures are believed to exist. In this article, we are going to list the best and most popular anime with gods or other spirit creatures from Japan and even the West.

In this article we will also see a list with the gods most popular anime, followed by an extensive list of anime with a focus on deities. Remembering that there are much other anime that have Gods, If you remember any, leave them in the comments.

Anime with Action Gods and Shounen

Noragami + Noragami Aragoto

Yato is a minor god whose dream is to have a shrine and many followers to worship him. However, he is an almost unknown god, and his only partner who helped him fulfill the desires of humans decides to leave him and go to help another god.

As he tries to fulfill his dream alone, Iki Hiyori, an ordinary student, saves him from being run over, but suffers the accident instead. This causes the girl to have a certain problem and is stuck with Yato until her problem is resolved. Along with Hiyori and her new partner, the god Yato will try to gain fame to be a recognized god.

The best anime of gods and deities

death note

Shinigami, is a god of death, can kill anyone by writing the victim's name in a notebook called the Death Note. Ryuki, bored with his shinigami routine, becomes interested in humans, leaving the Death Note in Light Yagami's hands.

With this divine power, Light decides to cleanse this world of criminals to build a new world. and in this world, he would be worshiped by people as a god. However, the police quickly discover that a serial killer is killing criminals.

To find the culprit, Japanese investigators are helped by the best detective in the world. An eccentric man known only by the name of L. The anime shows the plot between Light, his notebook and a useless Shinigami against L and the task force.

The best anime of gods and deities


Godou Kusanagi, a former baseball player, travels to Sardinia at the request of his grandfather to return a sign called Lucrecia Zola. He ends up meeting Erica Blandelli, a swordsman, who ends up dragging him into a dispute between two gods.

In the midst of this crisis, he ends up having to face the ancient Persian warlord, Verethragna, in mortal combat. After killing the god, Godou becomes a champion, one of the many titles given to a slayer of gods.

The best anime of gods and deities

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darouka

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? The anime is set in the world of Orario, where adventurers band together and search for treasure in an underground labyrinth known as a Dungeon.

However, for Bell Cranel, fame and wealth are secondary to what he most wants to find: girls. He soon discovers, however, that anything can happen in the Dungeon and ends up being the damsel distressed!

The best anime of gods and deities

Anime with Gods of comedy or everyday life

Strangely, many of the anime of gods, even those of action, have a lot of comedy. See what we managed to fit into this second subtitle. A list of anime with deities that have a lot of comedy or are lighter, showing everyday life.

Spice and Wolf - Ōkami to Kōshinryō

A young man finds in his wagon a goddess named Holo, who is over 600 years old. Holo appears to be a young human, except that she has a pair of ears and a tail that are similar to a wolf's.

Introducing herself as the goddess of crops pasloe, she reveals that she was responsible for blessing the village with bountiful crops of wheat for many years, after having made a promise to a villager there in the past.

Villagers are increasingly losing their faith in Holo and developing their farming methods, becoming independent. As a result, Holo finds himself isolated and falls into solitude, as he feels that the residents no longer need her.

The best anime of gods and deities

KonoSuba - Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!

Kazuma Satō is a hikikomori teenager who happens to meet a Goddess named Aqua, who offers to take him into a parallel world similar to an MMORPG controlled by a Demon King, where he can live and battle monsters.

Although Aqua offers him a superpowered item or a superpower to use in this new world, Kazuma, after some provocation, chooses Aqua to accompany him to the city of Axel, in the parallel world. Unfortunately, Aqua is useless!

The best anime of gods and deities

Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss is a romance and comedy shoujo. The story begins with Nanami, a girl who was evicted from her home because of her gambling addict father, who abandoned her and ran away with a lot of debt.

While wandering the streets, Nanami meets a man who, upon learning of her story, offers her his house to live in, which is actually an abandoned temple in which she becomes the deity of this place.

The best anime of gods and deities

Oh! My Goddess - Ah! Megami-sama!

Morisato Keiichi was always unlucky. No matter what he does or how he acts, nothing seems to go right. His bike often breaks down, his classmates take advantage of him, women ignore and despise him.

In Heaven, when someone's bad luck and good luck are out of balance, Belldandy, a goddess, comes to help him. Belldandy grants Keiichi a desire to make up for all his bad luck, Keiichi wishes Belldandy to be with him forever…

The best anime of gods and deities

The Most Loved Gods and Goddesses in Anime

Below we will share a ranking of anime gods following popular opinion. First we mention the character's name, followed by the anime in which he is present. We won't go into details or show pictures here.

  1. Yato - Noragami;
  2. Holo - Spice and Wolf;
  3. Kofuku Ebisu - Noragami;
  4. Hestia - Dungeon ni deai;
  5. Bishamonten - Noragami;
  6. Nanami Momozono - Kamisama Kiss;
  7. Rory Mercury - GATE;
  8. Aqua - Konosuba;
  9. Sadaharu - Gintama;
  10. TetNo Game no Life ;
  11. Deus Ex Machina - Mirai Nikki;
  12. Belldandy - Oh! My Goddess;
  13. King Kai - Dragon Ball;
  14. Moro - Princess Mononoke;
  15. Korin - Dragon Ball;
  16. Celestial Spirit King - Fairy Tail;
  17. Urd - Oh! My Goddess;
  18. Momiji - Good Luck Girl!
  19. Truth (Truth ) – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood;
  20. Alastor - Shakugan no Shana;
  21. Satan - Blue Exorcist;
  22. Athena - Campione;
  23. Neptune - Hyperdimensional Neptunia;

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:

List of anime with Gods and Deities

To end the article, we will leave an extensive list of anime that focus on gods and deities. The list may include second seasons and OVAs. The order of the list below is according to the anime's popularity. Also see about God in Japanese.

Responsive Table: Scroll the table sideways with your finger >>
Nome do AnimeLaunch
Noragami Aragoto2015
Spice and Wolf II2009
KonoSuba – God's blessing on this wonderful world! 22017
Spice and Wolf2008
Kamisama Kiss2012
KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world! 2 OVA2017
Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Meiou Shinwa 2nd Chapter2011
KonoSuba – God's blessing on this wonderful world!2016
Noragami Aragoto OVA2015
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?2015
Spice and Wolf II OVA2009
Noragami OVA2014
KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world! OVA2016
Good Luck Girl!2012
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Movie: Arrow of the Orion2019
Dragon Ball Super2015
Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious2019
Dragon Ball Z Movie 14: Battle of Gods2013
Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy2006
Ah! My Goddess: Fighting Wings2007
Ah! My Goddess: The Movie2000
Ah! My Goddess TV2005
Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy Specials2007
Inari Kon Kon2014
Ah! My Goddess1993
Kamigami no Asobi2014
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok2003
Kamisama Kazoku2006
Kamichama Karin2007
Spice and Wolf VR2019
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? II: Past & Future2019
30-sai no Hoken Taiiku2011
Oh! My Goddess: The Adventures of Mini-Goddess1998
Nekogami Yaoyorozu2011
Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious Recap2019
Bride of Deimos1988
Namu Amida Butsu!: Rendai Utena2019
HoneyWorks: Ima Chotto Dake Wadai no Kamisama2013
Mighty Thor: Battle Royale2017
Han Hua Ri Ji2019

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