Do you know Akiko Yoshida - KOKIA?

Yoshida Akiko (吉田亜紀子) is a Japanese singer-songwriter who is best known by the stage name Kokia (stylized as KOKIA). She is best known for her songs "Arigatō ..." (which reached number one on the Hong Kong music charts, when Sammi Cheng made a version cover hers) and “The Power of Smile”. She is also known for anime soundtracks and electronic games, such as:

  • Ai no Melody / Chōwa Oto the film Gin-iro no kami no Agito;
  • Follow the Nightingale about the game Tales of Innocence;
  • Tatta Hitotsu no Omoi from the anime Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino;

We are talking about her today in this article at the request of a friend who is trying to bring her to do a tuor in Brazil. for this we ask that you follow their social networks at the end of the article to show the interest of us Brazilians in your visit.

KOKIA career

Childhood and early career - Kokia was born in 1976 and was raised by her mother. She started playing the violin when she was two and a half years old, but she preferred the family piano. Sometimes, instead of playing with toys, Kokia preferred to play the piano. She recalls that she placed picture books on the music stand and created songs that represented the scenes. When she was ten years old, she went with her sister Kyoko to the United States to study at Summer Music School, which she did again four years later. the school, I study music and opera, where I later specialized in Toho Gakuen Daigaku. At the university, a colleague handed over a demo tape that Kokia recorded for a music executive. Then, she was hired by Pony Canyon and started her career as a singer in 1998 by participating in the album Brothers, with the songs “Aishiteirukara” (愛しているから?) and “You”, while still in university. She created her stage name by inverting the syllables of her name. In the same year, she recorded it was “For Little Tail”, used as an opening theme in the game Tail Concerto and, later, as a secondary track on the 2010 single “Road to Glory”. After four singles, she released her debut album Songbird in 1999.

Although so far none of his singles have reached a very high place on Japan's music charts - "Aishiteirukara" ranked 99th on Oricon— "Arigatō ..." (ありがとう ...?) Was a hit in Hong Kong. The song ranked third in the most popular international song award in Hong Kong (香港国際流行音楽大賞) in 1999. In 2000, artist Sammi Cheng released a cover version of the song in the country, contained in her album of the same name (多謝) and it became a hit.

Victor Entertainment

After the release of her debut album, she left Pony Canyon. Her first job after leaving the label was a five-song participation on the album Kanata Made (彼方まで?) By Ryuichi Kawamura, the vocalist for the band Luna Sea, released in 2000. The album was released by Victor Entertainment, which started her relationship with the label, in which, in 2001, she released three singles: "Tomoni", "Tenshi" (天使?) and "Say Hi !!". The following year, she released her second album, Trip Trip, the first to be produced by herself.

In 2003, she released the single “Kawaranai Koto (Since 1976)”, which took her to the “top 50” of the Oricon charts when reaching 47th position. His greatest success, however, was “The Power of Smile”, which gained notoriety for promoting the Kao brand, reached 15th place on the Oricon music chart and was certified by the RIAJ with a gold record. The album on which it was included, Remember Me, also entered Oricon's “top 20”. She released Uta ga Chikara in 2004, which included the song “Yume ga Chikara” which was used as a song to encourage the participation of Japan at the 2004 Summer Olympics. In 2006, he joined his best songs on the album Pearl: The Best Collection. Aigakikoeru: Listen for the Love was released in the same year, in France; her release in Japan took place in 2007. In 2008, the singer released the albums The Voice, Fairy Dance: Kokia Meets Ireland and Christmas Gift.

In 2009, Kokia launched Kokia Infinity Akiko: Balance and Coquillage: The Best Collection II. Real World, released in 2010, reached 44th position on the Oricon music chart, being its eighth best album in terms of sales. In the same year, she released the album with only covers of songs, Musique a la Carte. In 2011, he released the album Moment and in 2013, Where to Go My Love ?. ”


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